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momblogger 1I’m Noemi Lardizabal-Dado, a 59 year old mom, blogger, a homemaker, social business practitioner, emerging media editor  of the Philippine Online Chronicles. I am more known as @momblogger on twitter who advocates constructive engagement in issues on family and society. I have 3 wonderful children and married to Butch Dado, the love of my life,

So why did I create this blog? Though I have another personal blog at aboutmyrecovery.com, I wanted that blog to focus on grief recovery, married life and parenting. At 59 years old, I am at the prime of my life, having fun, and taking challenges. “A Woman on Prime Time” believes that beauty goes beyond the face. Even though our loved ones compliment us about our beautiful looks, we believe it is inner peace that shows our true beauty.

What is A Woman on Prime Time?

I first came across the word “PrimeTime Women” from a book authored by Marti Barletta who emphatically states that women currently in their “PrimeTime” are the healthiest, wealthiest and most active, educated and influential generation of women in history. Here are a few nuggets from “PrimeTime Women” to help you better understand who she is:

  • She has a newfound sense of freedom to be herself.
  • She is not just active, she’s a bit of an activist.
  • She will go out of her way to buy from companies who are environmentally conscious.
  • She knows how to handle unexpected turbulence and how to get around obstacles in ways that younger women have yet to figure out.
  • She feels her greatest achievements lie ahead of her.
  • In most instances, using conventional celebrity advertising to reach PrimeTime Women won’t work. Consumers in PrimeTime have less of a need to aspire up and impress others and are no longer as driven by materialistic values such as fame and fortune. That is not to say that all celebrity usage is ineffective, but there is a different dynamic. Instead, they are drawn to people they already do like those who are approachable.
  • PrimeTime women have many things that they care about more than when they were younger. For example:
    Family and personal legacy
    1. Time to finally do something for themselves without feeling guilty
    2. Milestones are key triggers in the decision making process
    3. Experiencing life to the fullest

A “Woman on Prime Time” features..

primetime women
In this blog, my friends in their prime time years will also share their stories. At 50 years old and beyond, we stand firmly at the prime of our lives — having fun and taking on more challenges! We will feature the following:

Lifestyle Choices, essays that speak from the heart.

Aging with Grace, tips that tackle the “mind, body, spirit, and emotions” connection.

The Makeover, anything that covers the outer core of beauty beyond 50 years old.

My favorite things, an overview of consumer products and services that “a woman on prime time” is attracted to.

Foodie Finds, a culinary adventure for “a woman on prime Time.”

Journeys, a delicious peek at travel destinations and tips anyone can use

Outside the Box, thoughts and ideas that challenge the status quo of women’s traditional roles.

Celebrate with us!

Watch Jane Fonda talk in TEDxWomen about Prime Time.

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