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100% organic pearl coix for beauty and wellness


I have told you before  that I use The Premium HyC 150 Dietary supplement from Japan. It is my belief that aging gracefully is a way of life . Happiness is a secret weapon . It means leading a meaningful and active life; maintaining a positive attitude; taking care of my skin and eating a balanced diet together with juicing and a food supplement drink.

I got introduced to another food supplement from Japan , the 100% Organic Pearl Coix. This supplement is said to work wonders at reducing acne and smoothening skin, giving you a healthy pink glow. I am not big on whitening products but that is a personal choice. The product claims to be the only one in the market that uses pure 100% organic ingredients to whiten skin.

This is because FINE Japan Co. Ltd, a nutraceutical company has been making , researching and developing food supplements for more than four decades now and brought out the 100% Organic Pearl Coix. It took five years to develop the 100% pure organic pearl coix extract powder , using extraction technology.

The benefits are not limited to having a radiant skin. This ready-to-drink nutraceutical product has many beauty and wellness benefits. The highly soluble powder of the 100% Organic Pearl Coix is done through FINE Japan’s patented process that transform adlay seeds into fine powder-like form that comes in sachets. The 100% Organic Pearl Coix also helps fight premature signs of aging, treat various skin diseases like acne or allergic dermatitis, or help remove warts and reduce blemishes and other skin rashes.

I did a bit of research and found a article on Coix by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon that affirms some of the benefits in beauty and wellness.

The organic Pearl Coix aids in improving digestion and relieves constipation since pearl coix has 8 times more fiber. It even fights inflammation, swelling and other fever symptoms and helps remove excess fluids from the body to promote better urine flow because of its diuretic effect.


For those having difficulty climbing stairs or lifting objects, 100% Organic Pearl Coix helps strengthen joins and reduce limb stiffness so one will be more agile and swift in their movements and other daily physical routines. Studies have also shown that 100% Organic Pearl Coix have cancer fighting indications particularly that of the stomach , liver and lung, when used jointly with standard anti-cancer protocols.  A study found at the US National Library of Medicine ,  National Institutes of Health that Adlay (?? yì y?; “soft-shelled job’s tears”; the seeds of Coix lachryma-jobi L. var. ma-yuen Stapf) is a Potential Cancer Chemopreventive Agent toward Multistage Carcinogenesis Processes.

Although medicinal functionality of adlay has been around for thousands of years, recently, it is interesting to note that integration exists between traditional medicine and modern medicine because a number of biological activities of adlay have been elucidated by scientific investigation, including antioxidant/free radical scavenging

To enjoy the gains of the 100% Organic Pearl Coix , just take out a sachet of 100% Organic Pearl Coix, mix with your favorite beverage whether tea , coffee , milk or even plain water . One sachet contains 1.5 grams.

Note: No approved therapeutic claims. Please check with your doctor if this food supplement is suited for you.


The 100 % Organic Pearl Coix is now available in Watson stores nationwide and online at Lazada or at the HYC online store with free delivery nationwide.

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