4 juice recipes for vigor, vitality, and to strengthen immunity

I love my matstone slow juicer . Juicing maximizes nutrient intake, fight disease, strengthen cellular defense against free radicals, alleviate pain, encourage weight-loss, and decrease the need for medication.While each one of us have their reasons to juice, mine is because I want to take in the nutrients of leafy green vegetables which I cannot do in its natural state. Squeezing a variety of vegetables with fruit juice will make it palatable and easy to ingest. Whether it is the fastest way to supply vitamins and minerals is a bonus.  So, I get my share of juicing tips from pinterest or friend’s recommendations.


Matstone invited me to listen to Dr. Andrew S.H. Kim, PhD in Oriental Medicine to talk on ” Oriental Secrets Revelead: Renew vigor, vitality, and strengthen immunity”.



Dr. Kim shared four recipes: Summer Fest, Green Energizer, Immune Enhancer and Super C Juice. Let me share it to you too:


The Summer Fest and Green energizer gives vigor and vitality.


1/4 pineapple (Energy Production)

1/4 watermelon  (rich in Citrulline and folate)

1/2 thumb turmeric (amplifies blood circulation and body temperature)





1 handful basil (boots up the heart rate and advances the blood flow, which increases carnal desire)

1 stalk malunggay (increase energy and endurance)

1/2 pineapple ( energy production)

1 thumb ginger (amplifies blood circulation and body temperature)



These juice recipes strengthen immunity.


1/2 pineapple (rich in vitamin c, boost production of WBC)

1/2 squash (High in vitamin C)

2 stalks malunggay (strengthens immune system)




1/2 pineapple (rich in vitamin c, boost production of WBC)

6 Calamansi  (High in vitamin C)

1 cucumber (rich in vitamin A, B, C which strengthen immune system)

The  Matstone Multipurpose Juicer is worth Php14,000.You can avail it at these following stores: SM Appliance Center, SM Homeworld, Landmark, Handyman, True Value, Western and Rustans. You may also visit their online store at www.matstone.com.ph/store



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