5 pillars of beauty sleep

Written by Kumi Yasuda as originally posted on the Philippine Online Chronicles.


Love burning the candle until late night? Time to break that bad habit! If you want to be the belle of the boulevard all year round, you better hit some ZZZ’s stat. Did you know that while you sleep, your body actually works hard to recover and re-energize holistically? People didn’t call it a beauty sleep for nothing, indeed.

Want to milk the most out of your rest? Check out these hardworking beauty picks that work overtime while you snooze. With these sleep-friendly beauty secrets, you’re bound to wake up your best, every day.kiehl's beauyy

1. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – this tried and tested bestseller promises to restore the skin’s healthy appearance overnight. It has Squalene, Omega-6 fatty acids, Evening Primrose Oil, and other essential oils including Lavender. It has no parabens or mineral oil, and is easily absorbed by the skin after a good facial massage. Not a fan of thick night creams? Switching to an oil-based skincare before sleeping may just do the trick! For more news about Kiehl’s, visit this post (http://thepoc.net/index.php/freedom-to-live-fully-with-kiehls-stories/ )

pumpkin sleeping pack

2. Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack – this vitamin A rich sleeping pack is a unique way of fighting signs of aging while you rest. Simply slather an even film of sleeping pack all over your face and neck to help lift the dull surface of your skin while you sleep.

Did you know that micro-exfoliating the skin is a simple trick to make sure your skin gets to absorb the most out of your skincare routine? Rationally, the more your younger skin is in contact with your choice of nourishing creams, the more it benefits from it! So if your skin is afraid of exfoliating beads or scrubs, use a sleeping pack to lift your skin and reveal a younger and fresher face every morning!

3. Belo Skincare AcnePro Pimple Gel – if your sleepless nights studying for an exam or preparing for a project led you to sporting a raging acne or pimple outbreak, it’s high time to add some spot treatment to your regimen. Although spot treatments can also be used during the day, it is more recommended to be included in an evening regimen since this leaves your skin in complete restorative focus, while also being kept unexposed to environmental stressors like pollution and sweat.

Among many pimple fighting gels available in the market, Beo Skincare AcnePro Pimple Gel reigns high with its unique Purified Bee Venom active ingredient, which is clinically tested to moderate acne breakouts. This pimple fighting gel is also oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic; thus making it a sensitive skinned maiden’s best friend.

kojie san cellulite

4. Kojie San Kontur Celullite Control Cream – aside from the face, there are other parts of your body that deserve some attention when trying to get into that beauty sleep vibe. Top areas to give some tender loving care to are your thighs, arms, and even abdomen—top problem areas in the fight against cellulites. Cellulite refers to the visible chicken skin texture under your skin, and is a common problem for women, both young and old. Although it is a bit tricky to fight off, you can call in the help of cellulite control creams at night so you get to tone your body while you cap the night off with a good night’s sleep

tai chi

5. Tai Chi Foot Patches – get super rested sleep while you flush out toxins from your body with the help of foot patches! Tai Chi Foot Patches come in regular, eucalyptus, lavender, and even a warming variant to help induce rejuvenating sleep while absorbing toxins from the soles of your foot. Operating under the umbrella of reflexology, Tai Chi Foot Patches target different parts and organs in the body based on the nerve endings found on your feet. Simply patch on a pair before your shut eye, drink tons of water to remain rehydrated all night long, and wake up to a detoxified morning like no other.

Using Tai Chi Foot Patches also aids relieving sore muscles and joints when applied on certain areas of the body. Also a great solution for busy bees, Tai Chi Foot Patches help make a four hour sleep feel like a full eight!

Photos by Kumi Yasuda

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