A Maria Clara in my Filipiniana-themed bedroom

It is not everyday I get to wear a period costume and a lovely Maria Clara dress for Rizal’s 150th birthday celebration. What thrilled me most (other than wearing this Maria Clara) is that it blends well with my Filipiniana themed bedroom.

There is a story to this theme. Before moving to our new home in 2007, I wanted all of our furniture to be brand-new. My husband and I agreed on clean , simple and contemporary lines like the Ikea furnitures…except for our four poster bed. I wanted to get rid of it. I am not too fond of carvings in furniture. It totally goes against my philosophy of clean and simple lines.

As a compromise, I thought of placing curtains all over the canopy bed to give that pretty cozy feeling. I thought it would turn off my husband and he’d agree to buy a simpler bed. To my surprise, my husband did not object. I decided to make our bedroom in Filipiniana theme from the coffee table, paintings, vases, decors and writing table.

This Maria Clara gown is perfect for my Filipiniana-themed bedroom. For the first time, (there is always a first time), I will “model” just as fashion/beauty bloggers do in their blog. Lauren prompted me how to pose as she took photos of me. Don’t mind my stiffness.

Coffee table corner

I believe our bedroom provides a sanctuary after a hard’s day work. I discovered thhere is something soothing when one has a canopy on the bed. It feels like being protected in a cocoon.

Our canopy bed.

The canopy bed brings us back to a simpler time when bedrooms were a peaceful retreat from the outside world. I chose to have a canopy on my old antique bed to add a touch of beauty to this four poster bed.

The canopy bed certainly added softness , drama and beauty in my bedroom. I thought the canopy bed seemed outlandish or exotic. One can make a canopy using a simple swag of fabric or by executing an elaborate draped treatment.

My husband agrees with me that the canopy bed helped add romance to our bedroom.

The Maria Clara gown has been connected to the Maria Clara character because of her traits: delicate, feminine, self-assured, and with a sense of identity. It does make me look more feminine than usual. @gangbadoy commented that I look so “mahinhin” and wouldn’t think I am the type to fight the “prayle”.

Well, even if I did look feminine, I will fight for the RH Bill anyway.

Anyway, our Maria Clara gown is beautiful. I hope to find reasons to wear a Maria Clara gown again. Perhaps , I will wear a modernized version of this Maria Clara gown one day.

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