Artistry Crème L/X Eye for radiant eyes and visibly lifted look

When I was in my early twenties the first skin care product I bought was eye cream . Why? In one of those girlie bonding moments, the older ones urged us to take care of the skin around the eyes because that area is bound to dry up first. To my delight, Amway sent me a review sample of their ARTISTRYTM Crème L/X Eye.

I have yet to try it for a longer period of time but let me share you on how Artistry developed this product.

The scientists of Artistry discovered that the concept of “life energy” is in fact based on science: their most recent biochemical research has shown that accelerated aging is caused when the tiny “power generators” in cells start producing more harmful by-products over time, the flow of cellular energy declines, and cells ultimately lose vitality.

See the eye area become energized, revitalized and transformed with the new ARTISTRYTM Crème L/X Eye. This remarkable addition to the Crème L/X Collection combines exquisite, high-quality ingredients such as the rare lipid Carldiolipin, Roxisomes®, as well as Spinach Leaf Extract and L-Carnosine from ARTISTRYTM’s sister brand NUTRILITE® to produce the precious CellEffect Technology, which encourages the skin cells to act younger by renewing its youthful energy, helping repair signs of past damage, and protecting it from future damage.

There are also other ingredients at play in this formula. Special moisturizers dramatically increase the skin’s hydration levels for a smoother look. Caffeine reduces the appearance of dark circles. Botanical extracts like Japanese Cherry Blossom and Alfalfa Seed soothe the skin as well as boost its natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, which renew the elasticity and firmness of the skin. And thanks to ARTISTRYTM’s commitment to bring together scientific innovation with the ultimate skincare experience, its cashmere-soft, silky texture makes it easy to apply.

As a result, the luxurious, lightweight ARTISTRYTM Crème L/X Eye formula gives the vulnerable skin around the eyes a smoother and visibly lifted look. Upon application, the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles is diminished. The skin instantly feels softer, firmer and comfortably moisturized, while the eye area looks refreshed and brighter.

It is now possible to experience radiant eyes and healthy skin that can act up to 15 years younger thanks to ARTISTRYTM Crème L/X Eye, from the very best that ARTISTRYTM has to offer.

I will share the effects of this eye care treatment after I finish this bottle. Will the skin surrounding my eyes get a visibly lifted look?

So stay tuned.

For more information on ARTISTRYTM Crème L/X Eye and the ARTISTRYTM Crème L/X Collection, please call Amway at 8148181 or email us at [email protected]. Also visit

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