Breast screening through Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging™ (Part 1)

Updated November 10, 2011

Good news to my readers : Dr. Roderick Tan of HealthQuest is extending the discounted rate of 4,500 pesos for the MDTI. Just mention my name (Noemi Dado or @Momblogger) to avail of this special price. See contact details at the bottom of the post.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Allow me to enlighten you about breast cancer awareness simply because my beautiful mom died of breast cancer at the age of 45 years old. It was painful to watch my mom suffer all throughout my teen years and eventually lose her when I needed her most to guide me in my difficult twenties. I learned to mother myself eventually.

The pain of losing a mom is not all gone when this experience is shared. Writing the chain of events towards the discovery of the lump on her breast and her death three years later in 1976 is my way of honoring her life.

Please take time to read the series of my blog posts on early detection of breast cancer . Who knows you might be interested and enlightened about such a technology and that by getting the word out, there will be a significant improvement in the battle against breast cancer.

Mammography before age 40

A friend died of breast cancer at 35. My hubby implored that I take a breast exam to rule out any breast cancer which could be in our genes. I was only 39 years old and I thought maybe I should take that mammogram before I hit 40 years old at about the time mom discovered the lump.

I took that painful mammogram test where the machine squashes your breast as it takes an x-ray. The results were not good. I quickly called David, my brother who was then a neurology resident at the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH). My brother said that breast cancer cells can be so aggressive and can quickly replicate in a few weeks. Shocked at two doctors’ medical opinion, I told myself that I cannot die now. Not when my kids are still so young. Lauren was only 10. Marielle was 9 and Luijoe was 3 years old. To make the long story short, I had a lumpectomy and the mass was benign. You can read more about my story here.

The last mammography test I had was in 2000 just a few months after my son died. It’s been 11 years since my last check up. Perhaps, I wanted to die and didn’t want to take care of myself. Or was it because I was worried the radioactive material in mammography may aggravate some cancer cells.

I remember at the wake of my mom a conversation with a family doctor. He advised us never to take birth control pills as it would stimulate cancer cells. This was 1976. It was unproven during those days. I took this advice at heart and never used contraceptives or any artificial birth control methods.

Alarming facts about breast cancer

Here is something that everyone should take at heart.

Some little known but alarming facts about breast cancer:

1. Breast cancer develop and grow much faster in younger women. Active cancer cells double every 3 months in women under 50 years old. Here is the age and average tumor doubling time.

Under 50 years old Active cancer cells double in number every 3 months
50 – 70 years old Active cancer cells double in number every 5 months
Over 70 years old Active cancer cells double in number every 6 months

*Source: CANCER 71:3547-3551, 1993

2. The number of breast cancer cells has doubled 32 times before it can be detected by mammogram.

0 days 1 cell
3 months 2 cells
1 year 16 cells
2 years 256 cells
3 years 4,096 cells
4 years 65,536 cells
5 years 1,048,576 cells = 20 doublings but still undetectable by mammogram
6 years 16,777,216 cells = 24 doublings but still undetectable by mammogram
7 years 268,435,456 cells = 28 doublings but still undetectable by mammogram
8 years 4,294,967,296 cells = doubled 32 times normally detectable by mammogram at this stage

NOTE: 40 doublings (approximately 10 years) considered lethal

3. Incidence and rate of breast cancer is increasing worldwide, including the Philippines.

4. Men can also get breast cancer.

No wonder my mother died so young. Breast cancer cells double in number every 3 months. It confirms my brother’s advice to play it safe and just remove the mass inside my breast.

Invited to try out MDITI™ (Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging™)

As a blogger, I often receive emails asking for blog endorsements or simply trying out their products or services. Some of them I agree and others I don’t. I don’t have the time and energy to go to all these events. This one email certainly struck a chord.

HealthQuest® Research 2000, Inc. is dedicated to the fight against and prevention of breast cancer in the Philippines by using the latest state of the art MDITI™ (Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging™) system, which offers non-invasive and painless breast screening to women of all ages without the use of any compression and offers no risk of being exposed to radiation or pain compared to other breast screening modalities. Our technology is applicable to all breast types: dense breast tissues, pregnant, breastfeeding, fibrocystic, enhanced or augmented, and women on oral hormone medication. It is also specially useful for women who have undergone mastectomies.

With the controversy over the latest recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (PSTF) on mammogram, safer screening methods like MDITI™ confer the same benefits while eliminating radiation exposure. As such, proactive physicians highly recommend the inclusion of the MDITI™ as part of the breast work up for women. By getting their MDITI™ done, women will know whether it is a must for them to get further screening (mammogram, ultrasound, etc.) or not. Research shows that MDITI™ can detect breast cancer developments up to 10 years before the onset of the cancer. The more women to whom we can introduce MDITI™ to, the better we are able to achieve our mandate of detecting breast cancer in its earliest growth; and the earlier a woman detects the presence of the cancer, it allows for more time to apply proactive measures and interventions.

The keyword here is “early detection of the presence of the cancer”.

The email claimed that “To promote TRUE PREVENTION of breast cancer, HealthQuest® Research 2000, Inc. offers a novel approach through a system and technology that provides REAL early detection.

Painless? non-invasive? real early detection? I liked that. I wanted to know what this novel approach is. Early detection is a goal for someone like me whose mother died of breast cancer. I also thought of my two daughters who might also be at risk. I agreed to try their services and in return write about my experience.

It is always a sad experience for a family to have to deal with any cancer. Mainstream medicine’s system of detection has proven to be inadequate and ineffective in warning women early enough to avoid the disease.

Preparation before the breast screening

Due to the high sensitivity and accuracy of the camera, it can sense minute differences in the heat emitted by the body. Too much body heat can cause images to be too “hot” for proper interpretation. It is important for me to follow “COOL DOWN” procedures and techniques.

1. I had to arrive at the center 10-15 minutes before the appointment time. This will give them extra time to cool down.

2. Do not to apply any skin care products on the particular region to be screened. Avoid applying any make-ups or using oil-based perfume, lotions, deodorant, antiperspirant, hormone creams and other oil-based body and skin care products on the day of scheduled screening. These products can clog up skin pores and may cause the body to keep or retain heat.

3. Abstain from or avoid hot food & beverages 3 hours before screening. In contrast, avoid drinking any extremely cold drinks, immediately before the screening appointment.

4. Avoid hot showers or baths prior to screening.

5. Do not smoke at least 2 hours before the scheduled screening appointment.

6. Avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry/jewelries to screening sessions. Clients will be asked to take these off for the screening since these will directly affect the accuracy of thermographic images.

7. No exercise (running or any sports), workout, gym sessions, or massages or any kind of therapy on or around the Regions of Interest before the thermographic session. These activities will increase body heat and may need a longer time to cool down before the screening.

8. Avoid wearing warm clothes (jackets, sweaters) before the screening session.

9. Avoid sunbathing a week before scan.

I followed all these guidelines before my set appointment this month.

The MDTI procedure

So you ask What is MDTI?. Medical-Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging™ is currently the only system capable of detecting developing breast cancer.

Mae, the kind nurse from Health Quest presented a short powerpoint presentation in her PC on how breast themography works and some sample images of past breast screenings.

MDITI traces its roots to ancient medical history. As one of the cardinal signs of pathology, Hippocrates said, “In whatever part of the body excesses of heat or cold is felt, the disease is there to be discovered”.

There are many sample images shown here but let me show you a normal and cancerous breast.

This is the image result of a normal breast. Note the cool blue and green colors.

The NEO-ANGIOGENESIS (new blood vessel growth) theory says cancer cells need blood vessels to feed, and would grow NEW blood vessels as survival mechanism to feed its higher nutritional and metabolic needs. With more blood vessels supplying nutrients, extra blood flow increases heat level of the affected area. Thermography detects this phenomenon using sensitive infrared cameras designed for medical applications. The formation, growth and development of breast cancer at its earliest stage can now be effectively screened, monitored and tracked.

This is the image result of a cancerous breast. Note the warmer red/orange colors on the breast. There is a presence of heat due to the extra blood flow in the affected area.

There are other tests that show warm colors but they are not necessarily cancerous. It could be due to fibrocystic breast disease.

Thermographic Interpretation results

Medium risk. It is nothing new. I know I am high risk anyway but it is still good to hear out the findings from a U.S. certified thermographer and Naturopathic Doctor.

Part 2 will discuss these results, xeno-estrogens, diet and other suggestions from my doctor on breast cancer prevention. (Continue reading Part 2- Breast themography results with a naturopathic doctor (Part 2)

The regular cost of the MDTI is 9,000 pesos but for the month of October, the rate is 4,500. If interested just make an appointment by using their contact details below:

HealthQuest® Research 2000, Inc.
Unit 11-J, 11th Floor, Cyber and Fashion Mall Building,
Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City 1110
Telephone numbers (632) 3593124 or (632) 7063876.

Photo Credit on breast awareness is here while the breast thermography is from the website of Health Quest.

Disclosure: All the opinions are mine. Health Quest provided ONE free breast themography test for me including the opinion. Subsequent tests will be shouldered by me.

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