Breast themography results with a naturopathic doctor (Part 2)

Good news to my readers : Dr. Roderick Tan of HealthQuest is extending the discounted rate of 4,500 pesos for the MDTI. Just mention my name (Noemi Dado or @Momblogger) to avail of this special price. See contact details at the bottom of the post.

I talked about the Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, a painless breast screening procedure in my previous blog entry. After a week, the results came via email but I refused to take a look until my doctor’s appointment.

I didn’t want to worry.

Preventing breast cancer?

What was there to worry? I mused. I am 54 , nine years older than mom when she died of breast cancer at the age of 45 years old. My sisters and I often reflect and wonder what caused the breast cancer.

Many myths surround this dreaded disease. Exact causes of breast cancer have not been determined yet, but researches shared some risks of recurrence.

Was it the pesticides she used to kill the aphids or insects crawling about in her rose garden?

Or the Orchid spray?

Was it her irritable mood? The slight temper tantrums over a boo-boo committed by a bakery worker?

Or was it the Pond’s cream that she religiously scrubbed on her face to remove her make-up?

No one really knows what causes breast cancer but I vowed not to do the things she did that may trigger breast cancer cells.

Looking back at my mom’s habits, I avoided stress, birth control pills and being temperamental. I vowed not to go into business that will just stress me out. Work should give both financial independence and enjoyment. I also heeded the family doctor’s advice to avoid taking the pills. Lastly, I vowed to smell the flowers and laugh to my heart’s delight.

Despite all these precautions, I also know the risk of getting breast cancer is always high for me. I continued to enjoy life , to let go and let God protect me.

The results of the breast themography: medium risk

I didn’t realize Dr. Roderick Tan was a U.S. certified thermographer and Naturopathic Doctor. The first thing I noticed as I entered his room was the macbook on his table. Nice, I thought. And as I sat down, I saw the words “naturopathic doctor” on the shelf. Even nicer, I smiled. The queasy feeling disappeared.

(I learned much later on that he got his training at Duke University, North Carolina, USA under the guidance of Dr. Peter Leando, one of the proponents in the international research on thermography. See more below the entry)

Pardon me for covering my boobs. That is not important. Just take a look at the warm colors on the top part.

The results showed:

– Both breasts show diffused hyperthermia.
– The hyperthermic patterns seen in the left breast are considered at MEDIUM risk for developing future pathology unless proven otherwise by future MDITI screenings.
– The hyperthermic patterns seen
in the right breast are considered at MEDIUM risk for developing future pathology unless proven otherwise by future MDITI screenings.
– The hyperthermic patterns suggest Fibrocystic Breast Disease (FBD). Hormonal balance, Estrogen Dominance factors and other issues should be considered and addressed.
– A 5th month follow up MDITI screening is recommended to monitor any changes or progression of the noted hyperthermic patterns.

Not really understanding what that meant, my first question was ” should I remove them from my breasts now” ?

Dr. Tan smiled and said “no, not yet. Let’s do a followup on the 5th month. As you can see on the chart, cancer cells growth rate double in 5 months for women above 50”.

Of course, my next question is, what can I do to prevent it from progressing to cancer cells?

He then explained that breast cancer cells may be due to the high rise of estrogen hormone. Sometimes, xeno-estrogens can cause this elevation?


I met that word before.

What is this xenoestrogen? Not a superhero, for sure.

Xenoestrogens (literally “foreign estrogen”) are man-made compounds that mimic the effects of natural estrogens in the body. They are similar in function to phytoestrogens, naturally occurring estrogens in plants, but tend to be much stronger. The effects of xenoestrogens on the environment and the human body are still being studied, however, many xenoestrogens are known to increase the effects of estrogen on the body. For this reason, they are believed to be a major contributing factor to many cases of estrogen dominance.

Dr. Tan explains that exposure to xenoestrogens need to be minimized. Unfortunately, xenoestrogens occur in thousands of everyday items, including everything from food to cosmetics to household goods. In this List of Xenoestrogens, I was surprised that practically everything contains xenoestrogens.

Dr. Peter Eckhart, MD provides a shorter list of guidelines:

1. Do not heat food or water with plastic in the microwave. Do not drink hot liquids in foam styrofoam cups or receptacles.

2. Change your laundry detergent because it cannot be fully washed from the clothes and can be absorbed through the skin. Do NOT use dryer sheets or fabric softener.

3. Do not use anything on the skin with parabens or phenoxyethanol in them. This includes shampoo, soap, makeup, hand lotion, body lotion, and toothpaste. Oral substances are 90% filtered by the liver. Skin-absorbed substances are 100% absorbed by the body, thus, a skin dose is 10 times an oral dose.

4. Avoid coffee. Avoid decaf coffee. No caffeine. No tea. No colas. Caffeine increases estradiol levels by 70%!

5. No sunflower oil, no safflower oil, no cottonseed oil, no canola oil. (Guess that leaves olive oil).

6. Avoid shampoos that are “rich in hormones” and have estrogen added to them.

7. Avoid estrogenic herbs especially TOPICALLY such as sage and rosemary. (Good to know coming up on holidays!)

8. Avoid weak estrogens such as soy and ground flax seed.

9. Many sunscreens are estrogenic. Use a hat and long sleeved shirt.

10. Use cosmetics with minerals or grapefruit seed extract as a preservative.

I can probably live without chicken, or soy milk but cosmetics or coffee? Argh!!

Do I want to take the challenge and remove xenoestrogens from my life?

Dr. Tan seemed positive that I can manage to live a xenoestrogen-free lifestyle. Besides, our grandparents never had to use any of this xenoestrogen infused products. I will need a bit of research to determine which cosmetics do not contain parabens or phenoxyethanol or are petroleum based.

I will need to do some hormonal tests which will cost me 17,000 pesos if my Philcare will not cover some of these blood tests. I gulped at the cost yet I know health is wealth. The hormal tests will determine if I have high levels of estrogen.

Other than that, Dr. Tan wants to see my daily food chart so he can recommend some dietary changes. I am so fine with that. I am not too fond of food lately.

One step at a time.

In Part 3, I will talk about my hormonal test results. This will take a week or so since I am in Jakarta right now.

The regular cost of the MDTI is 9,000 pesos but for the month of October, the rate is 4,500. If interested just make an appointment by using their contact details below:

HealthQuest® Research 2000, Inc.
Unit 11-J, 11th Floor, Cyber and Fashion Mall Building,
Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City 1110
Telephone numbers (632) 3593124 or (632) 7063876.

Disclosure: All the opinions are entirely my own. Health Quest provided me with ONE free breast themography test including doctor’s consultation. Subsequent tests will be shouldered by me.

About Roderick Tan,NMD, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Roderick Tan is a practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine, a complimentary and alternative medicine that specializes in addressing health issues using non-chemical, non-pharmaceutical drug, and non-invasive methods. He has a degree as Doctor of Naturopathy from Southern College of Naturopathy in Arkansas, USA specializing in Nutritional Therapies, Lifestyle and Dietary Recommendations. He founded HealthQuest Research in 2000.

Dr. Tan utilizes a system called Live and Dry Blood Analysis, a qualitative approach to blood analysis wherein a drop of the patient’s blood is put under a specially designed ultra-dark field microscope to determine its health and quality. He received 3rd Level Trainer Certification in Darkfield Microscopy in 2002, training under Michael Coyle of Nulife Sciences. Coyle was considered one of the premier or primary proponents of Darkfield microscopy having studied and worked with the original proponents of the technique.

In 2008, Dr. Tan received certification as a thermographer. He underwent training at Duke University, North Carolina, USA under the guidance of Dr. Peter Leando, one of the proponents in the international research on thermography. Dr. Tan brought to the Philippines the latest state-of-the-art Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging technology to aid in the fight against breast cancer. He is a member of the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT).

Dr. Tan started his career in the Natural Health Industry in 1994 in Vancouver, Canada, but has been a student of natural therapies since he was cured of polio when he was 12 years old. He was the first to commercially introduce among others Flax seed oil, Greenfood Powders and enzyme therapies in the Philippines.

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