Dressing up mother

The best part about being a mom is dressing up my cute little babies with frilly pink clothes. I have two beautiful girls and Oh how I loved dolling them up , tying pretty pink bows on their hair and taking photos afterwards. My two girls are now fine ladies and quite “kikay”. They are truly a blessing. Twenty something years ago, my life revolved around them, changing diapers, running after them, reading stories, driving them to school and back. Life with grown up daughters is like having two sisters.

Three years ago, I received an invite to the launch of Republiq , a club, a venue of sorts located at the Plaza, Resorts World Manila, Newport City in Pasay City. I appreciated the invite because the clubbing scene in Manila is new to me. Who says I can’t have good clean fun at my age? I thought of bringing my girls and they were pretty excited to dress up in long dresses which was the dress code for the launch.

Lauren felt in the mood to do my makeup and even that of her sister. I told her to camouflage my sagging eyelids and did quite a good job at it. The makeup was a bit heavy since we would be inside a club. After she was done with my eye makeup, I used my MAC lipstick to bring color. Lauren was not happy with my look. Mom “you look goth with red lipstick. If your eye makeup is heavy, use neutral tones”. Good thing I found a cinnamon shade somewhere and true enough, I looked less “goth” in it.

The tides are turned now. My two girls now act as my stylist, telling me which clothes are good for me. Or they give me the nod that I look gorgeous. When my husband thinks my dress hemline is too short, I tell him that his daughter believes it is the style. He stops complaining because I referred to his daughter. Funny ha.

At the Republiq, we had fun taking our photos and come up with wacky poses. My girls may not be little girls but they sure know how to teach their mom on makeup, fashion and Clubbing 101. Now that’s another story.

They don’t live with me anymore but it doesn’t mean we can’t be together one day in Germany or just chilling in their condo.

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