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Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can. Yes, I can still try to look and feel good even if I am past 50 years old. At this point in my life, I am in my perimenopausal period. Yeah, kinda late. The average age of menopause is 51 in the US. I don’t have data in the Philippines. My friends are quite surprised I still have my period at 54 years old.

I’ll talk more about perimenopause in another post. With perimenopause, I easily gain weight now and the worst thing is I experience bloating or water retention. With water retention, it is harder to lose weight even if I exercise regularly at Fitness First. Those fat cells that hold water just refuse to budge.

This is where I appreciate the innovative fat-loss and inch-loss non-invasive treatments of Marie France. I love coming here three times a week. Initially a skeptic towards advanced slimming technologies other than exercise and diet, I am a convert and have since dedicated a Marie France Philippines category so you can monitor my progress.

To go to my treatment room. I pass along this inspiring photo gallery of women who have lost weight. I smile and tell myself “I can do that too”. I don’t have much to lose. Perhaps 10 pounds? If I lose too much, my face will look haggard which will make me look old. Vain, I know.

I love how the nurse-therapist is so caring and smart . She knows about the science behind all their slimming services when I ask too many questions. Yes , I need to know the logic and science behind these technologies. I talked already about their Fat Mobilization System (FMS) that can make one lose weight even without exercise. I experimented for two weeks with one day exercise in each week and I lost three pounds. Not bad. I have since gone back to my regular exercise.

plasti dermi treatment to dislodge fats

Aside from FMS, Malou, my gorgeous Marie France consultant added Plasti-dermi treatment (PDT) to help dislodge the stubborn fat cells so it can easily be burned. PDT mproves blood circulation and increases lymphatic drainage to eliminate excess fat naturally. It also preserves skin’s elasticity to prevent sagging after weight loss. Malou told me with seven sessions, I will lose inches. It has been seven sessions already starting March 20.

And the good news is I lost 1.25 inches around my waist . The measurements of my arms, hips and midriff either remained the same or increased by .25 but the latter can be explained by the loose skin that needs firming up. (Another treatment called Physique has since been added to my weight loss regimen)

Anyway, I want to share how the PDT is done before the FMS.

I go to a separate room where the PDT machine is. Malou said my body type is Android . Weight gain occurs in the upper part of the body and on the front of the abdomen, so that an apple-shape may develop. I have larger abdomen and arms.My thighs and hips are quite small though. With an android body type, concentration of the PDT will be on the upper portion of the body.

There are two steps for PDT: the micro tone and the vibro tone. For the micro tone, gel is applied on the ski n while in vibro tone, powder is applied on the skin surface.

Excuse my tummy. I forgot the name of this contraption but as it passes along my abdomen, it feels like a vaccum . I envision my fats being suctioned off as this is happening. The nurse therapist does the same to my flabby arms and back.

Sometimes the pressure can be painful especially in the lower abdomen. The nurse therapist adjust till the pressure is more comfortable. I just close my eyes enjoying the moment because it feels like a a massage .

After all the microtone of the flabby regions, the vibrotone is next. The nurse places something on my palm (sorry I forgot the name) so I won’t feel the current as she applies the vibrotone.

Powder is applied on my skin as the vibrotone is being applied. From what I understood, the vibrotone firms up loose skin. The current stimulates the beta-receptors of the skin.

You can see from the above photo that there is a pattern formed from the vibrotone.

The PDT takes around 30 minutes and I then move to another treatment room for my FMS. If you missed my FMS experience, just head over to Marie France Pro-plus program post.

I am pleased with my PDT experience and happy that I lost an inch on my waist line in just 2 weeks. It makes me even more motivated to continue this Marie France Challenge and reach my weight loss goal. It is not just vanity alone. Having my desired weight is about being healthy.

Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Call 02-8942639 to book your free consultation. Or vist their website ask more information from their or Twitter @MarieFrancePhil

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