Maintaining beautifully polished, sleek hair with Frizz Control Lotus Shield from Avon

I have always been blessed with nice shiny hair. The problem is I often have to wash it daily to achieve that same beautifully polished, sleek hair. Avon recently invited me to their Frizz frame event to try out one of their latest products, Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield. Avon’s Frizz Control Lotus Shield is a leave-on treatment that creates a light barrier on each strand. . Like a lotus leaf repels water, Avon says this breakthrough lotus-inspired technology defies up to 97% humidity. It is supposed to Keep hair smooth and well-behaved for 3 days. To illustrate the effect, we were made to compare e just how the anti-frizz mechanism works.

A few droplets of water were placed on two sides of this test sheet. The drops on the left were then mixed with a little of the Lotus Shield, while the ones in the right weren’t. As you can see, the water drops on the right spread out to form a puddle while the ones with the Lotus Shield curled into tight little water balls and look a little like clear mercury. Cool!

I saw the effect on my hair the day after. My hair felt as if it were newly shampooed. No kidding. However my hair can only last this good for two days using the Lotus Shield. Not bad at all.

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