My Pamper me day: Skin rejuvenation, courtesy of SvelTi’s holistic approach

“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” — George Bernard Shaw

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Yes, I laugh often till my eyes form into crinkles. I feel beautiful even at my prime time age. I take care of myself by walking at least 10,000 steps a day, eating right (I avoid chicken , pork and beef) and feeling good by using social media for social good . I also take regular visits for non-invasive facial treatment to tighten the skin on my face. You know as we get older, our skin produce less collagen. To slow the aging process is to prevent collagen loss and facilitate the production of new collagen. Collagen constantly renews itself but as we age, our skin incrementally loses its ability to replace old collagen. As a result, wrinkles appear. There are many ways to prevent collagen loss and that includes removal of excess free radicals, balanced diet and exercise. To further boost production of new collagen, there are a number of non-invasive treatment. I’ve tried all sorts of non-invasive treatment since I turned 50 years old.

My latest discovery from SvelTi Health and Beauty Center  is a great find.

svelti clinic

I was impressed with my first visit. Rejuvenated, glowing skin that emphasizes  youthfulness is a result of a holistic treatment that takes into account not just one particular skin condition that I want removed, but the overall appearance and well-being of my skin and face. Anna, one of the  clinical specialists at the SvelTi Health and Beauty Center took time to evaluate my overall skin tone, its softness or bruising, and any skin discoloration.  She took my weight, my diet and lifestyle. Good thing I am not too fat but I don’t want to lose too much weight or else I will look haggard.  I want to know first why I need a specific treatment.  It’s not a matter of simply locating a particular bothersome condition like fine lines and removing them.

consulatation at svelti

“Rejuvenation comes when you restore the health not just of the affected skin part, like reducing a fine line,” says Dra. Lalaine Salazar, SvelT’i’s Medical Director. “It is achieved when you do treat that condition but likewise see to it that that skin area is healed and treated. Then you even it out with the rest of the surrounding areas. The skin tone becomes consistent, and all the concerned areas do glow. The patient’s face, for example, literally shines and starts to look young.”

There is an information sheet where Anna took down critical information to determine my overall program.

My skin rejuvenation program , a series of treatments, will be ready on my second visit, this Friday . The brown spot on my upper cheeks is one area that I would want to fade a bit so I don’t use a lot of concealer.   I have had this since my forties. I don’t have an issue with my fine lines  because that shows I smile a lot.  A little skin rejuvenation is just an added boost to my pamper me day.

Because I applied 1% tretinoin cream a week ago, the doctor recommended  the microlift treatment instead of starting out with  non-intrusive Revlite machine which emits laser light pulses to address the underlying reason behind my skin condition.  I was going to an event so they just wanted to make sure that my skin will not  break into blotches (yes ,I tend to get redness after a skin rejuvenation treatment).

before the treatment at sveltiSvelt-i says “the Microlift is a non-surgical face lift that tones, smoothens, and removes wrinkles by using a micro current for 30 minutes.” I changed into the provided white robe by the aesthetic  nurse.

having a micro lift at svelti
For aseptic purposes, I was given my own set of fresh pads for the lower half of my  face. My makeup including the concealer was removed .

Probes were  for the forehead, eyes, and upper area. Collagen gel was  used during the procedure. A total of 13 different strokes was used and the strength of the current was entirely up to my degree of pain tolerance. The maximum is 11. My pain tolerance is high so I reached around 9 . No pain, no gain.

I felt a bit of  stretching on my forehead as the probe was  moved from left to right. The current is lower around the eye area.

svelti microlift 1

After the microlift, a gold facial mask was applied to my whole face except the eye area (they can actually apply there) because of the eyelash extensions. The mask is thick. I spent the next 30 minutes just being zen and imagining beauty flowing through my body.

gold mask by svelti

After 30 minutes, my gold mask is dry.

end of gold glow svelti

I didn’t really expect to look glowing because the aesthetic nurse stripped my face of makeup exposing my brown spots. But wow, I was happy with how I looked and it showed as soon as I took a selfie. Glowing! At my primetime age, I do not expect to look as youthful compared to my late twenties. I am aware that it takes a series of treatments for effects to be visible. I am looking forward to the Revlite treatment . I will write more about my Revlite experience in this blog.

svelti after the gold mask

In the meantime, remember “beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.” While beauty is skin deep, one needs to also take care of their skin. While it’s best to start young, you can only do so much to delay your skin’s aging process. Luckily, there are non-invasive solutions available everywhere.

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