Prime time woman: on turning 50 years old

You hear that? I am a PrimeTime Woman. Hear me roar.


Tomorrow I turn a half -century old but my sister sent me an early 50th birthday wish greeting today.

Allow me to quote it in part:

Yes, it’s not the Golden Girls anymore. It’s the PRIMETIME WOMEN who shake up things in this world. Remember that “50 is the new 30.” …

The name, PRIMETIME WOMAN, is trademarked.

So I looked it up and found two interesting things about PrimeTime Women

1. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, they are in the prime of their lives. Using tired terms like middle-aged (frumpy), mature (overripe), and senior (out to pasture) misleads marketers into overlooking their reality. Much to everyone’s surprise, studies have shown that the 50s and 60s are generally the happiest decades of life.

Oh my gosh, how true. I have never been happier in my life. I don’t pine for the good old days of my un-reckless lost youth. When I look back at my life , I don’t think in terms of my losses. I think of all the experience gained. And I look forward with enthusiasm about experiences that have yet to be enjoyed with my husband, my 2 daughters, my blogger friends, the Grief Share and Compassionate Friends group, the Pinoy Moms Network and my wonderful loving siblings. It’s one reason I want to venture into new activities or cultivate new friendships. There is always something fun to do.

2. They are businesses’ prime marketing opportunity – the golden bulls-eye of target marketing, you might say. In particular, companies in health care, financial services, travel/hospitality, real estate and automotive will live or die depending on their success in addressing PrimeTime Women.

PrimeTime Women possess both self-reliance and purchasing power. I can live to tell you that I am financially independent today and if my husband chooses to squander all his income, I can survive. I reek of “PESO SALES” every time I walk in a salon or department store. These sales ladies flatter me to death because they know I am bent on buying something . The extra service is great . But what happens if I wear my jogging pants and sports shirt ? I am totally ignored like a brick wall. Yes, I am invisible.

Marketing managers, take note…don’t discriminate women dressed in sports attire. We are health conscious women who probably came from the gym and dropped by your store to buy the latest wellness gadgets or creams.

According to Diane Holman of Woman-Trends, if a woman reaches her 50th birthday without cancer or heart disease, she can expect to reach the age of 92. This generation of women will stay healthy and active for many years to come.

It’s a great feeling to turn 50 years old . Starting tomorrow, I am going to celebrate my birthday with mini parties (in batches) . I would rather have small group of friends/relatives than one grand party where I won’t be able to talk properly to each and every guest.

Celebration is a high form of praise, of gratitude to God. To celebrate is to delight in the gift, to show gratitude. I celebrate the lessons from the past and the love and warmth that is there today for me. I will enjoy the beauty of others and their connection to me.

I will enjoy being the PrimeTime Woman for the rest of my life. Celebrate with me!

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