Rise and shine: morning beauty habits you should have

Written by Bianca Lisondra , as originally published at the Philippine Online Chronicles.

goodmorningYes, we get it if you’re not a morning person but that’s not an excuse to start off your day without beauty routines that can bright you up. You do not need to spend much money on this. All you have to do is exert effort to wake up earlier so you can prep yourself up before going to school or office. Try these simple morning habits and make your mornings amazing!

DRINK IT UP: As they say, dehydration doesn’t only make you feel bad, but also dries your skin, which can make you look unhealthy. Also bear in mind that when you wake up, your body needs water more than you think. What to do: drink one to two glasses of water, preferably cold water to kick off your metabolism every morning. This will also send a message to your brain that your day has started already.

EAT SOME PROTEIN: Instead of eating carbs, why not trade it for Greek Yogurt or eggs? According to healthyhabits.com, consuming high protein during breakfast can help us avoid over-eating later in the day. This will surely help us stay fit and not gain weight.

USE ANTIOXIDANTS: Even if it’s rainy season already, applying lotion with vitamins C and E will help and protect your skin from aging that people usually get from pollution, UV rays and other environmental skin problems you might encounter all throughout the day. 

GET UP AND MOVE: Exercising three times a week is good, but exercising even for seven minutes everyday is way better. Walk with your dog, do squats, do jumping jacks, walk around the house, you name it. Whatever it is, as long as you move and exercise in a day, it would not only help you be fit but it will help you retain energy the whole day. Study shows also that women who exercise in the morning get to sleep better at night.

drink water

APPLY COCONUT OIL: Coconut oil used to be on the top beauty buzz. It helps the dry parts of your body stay moisturized and get healthier.

FIGHT THE FRIZZ: This is one of the things I’ve been doing since I started bringing my hair to the salon. I was once told that rubbing off the hair after taking a bath can frizz your hair. So instead of using a towel, I use an old shirt to dry my hair because it lessens the splitting of hair.

USE BODY LOTION: If you’re the type of person that’s used to applying lotion only once a week, try applying it every day, morning and night and soon, you’ll notice your skin positively glowing from head to toe.

20 MINUTE ME TIME: As they say, every morning, it’s a must for us girls to use 20 minute of our time for “me time”. Listen to music, relax before heading to school or office, concentrate on the good things – by this, you’ll realize that you’re having a bright day which will not cause you stress whatever comes your way.

GET HIGHLIGHTS NATURALLY: One of the top dilemmas of most girls is to whether or not dye their hair. But did you know that you can get natural highlights just by applying lemon juice on your hair strands before sun exposure? Mind you, this trick is definitely harmless and pretty effective!

CHOOSE THE BEST SHADE: In terms of choosing and applying make up, isn’t it amazing when you apply the right shade of foundation on your face? That even if you go out for a breakfast with your colleague to meeting up with your client, you don’t need to worry if your foundation does not match the color of your neck.

CLEAN UP YOUR BRUSHES: By brushes, I mean, those make up brushes you use everyday. This is one thing that most of us forget, when in fact we never shouldn’t. You wouldn’t want any bacteria to grow on your face just because you keep on using dirty brushes, do you? It’s not hygienic or healthy for you and your skin so make cleaning a habit.

TOOTHPASTE OVER PIMPLES: Pimples tend to show up at the wrong place and time. Start getting yourself used to fight pimples overnight. One of the best ways to fight zits is to apply toothpaste at night and dry it up when you get up.

Start you day right with these simple, easy morning habits. With that, I wish you have a nice day!

Source: healthyhabits.com, allwomenstalk.com

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