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Three weeks ago, I fearfully glanced at the weighing scale. Lo and behold, a whopping six pound weight gain. Add the 5 pounds weight gain that refused to shed off after my USA trip in 2010. That is a total of 11 pounds. Blame it on the holidays and the extended celebration at Cebu’s Sinulog festival. Though I can stil fit my clothes, the extra bulges on my waistline and my double chin looked unflattering. I resolved to lose weight.

How to lose these extra baggage? The five pounds I gained in 2010 refused to melt away. Sometimes no matter how much I push myself at the gym, I’m just not getting the desired results. Perhaps I may need a boost. The challenge to lose 11 pounds and back to my desired weight of 125 pounds is a goal.

Fortunately , Marie France offered me a challenge to try their promo called the “100 day Money-Back Guaranteed Pro-Plus Program “. Of course, I could not refuse this. I happily accepted the challenge. This is something new.

How has it been?

It’s been Day 7 and so far I have lost 3 pounds. 93 days to go. The truth is I lost a total of six pounds already but there are days I retain so much water. I hope my fat cells remember to dispel all that water weight.

I have to visit their branch three times a week for the program to work out.  The schedule is perfect since it takes only 25 minutes. With my busy scheduled attending to the Corona Impeachment hearings, I don’t have time to hit the gym.


The program in the first month involved:

1. Nutrition talk with the doctor

I know many things about my diet after all these years but two things struck me. The doctor told me to eat within two hours after waking up and secondly, to eat the last carbohydrates meal six hours before idle time. That means if I am lying in bed with my laptop at 9:00 PM, I should eat my last carbohydrates by 3:00 PM. I believe this because I notice I really gain a lot of weight when I take carbs at night. I eat an early dinner to make sure. I have a food diary notebook where I jot down my daily intake.

After measuring my weight and skin fat , the doctor said I had a BMI of 24 which means I am “high normal”. I don’t quite fit in the Pro-plus program because I am not that overweight but still they wanted me to test it out.

2. First month : Marie France signature body wrap

The most popular slimming technology is the Swiss invention which lets you burn as much as 2,000 calories in a single half-hour session while lying down. I first heard about this way back in the nineties when my Aunt tried it out. I was skeptical. How could you lose weight with a body wrap? The doctor explained that the cold temperature targets the basal metabolism to make it faster. Okay, this I have to see.

For the first two sessions, my therapist wrapped half of my body just so I get used to the cold temperature. Don’t forget to bring an extra underwear

In the next succeeding sessions, my therapist wrapped the whole body except the breast portion. For the first 15 minutes, it doesn’t feel too cold. Yes, bearable. I kept myself busy by tweeting. I realize it is almost done when I am feeling very chilled. It takes only 25 minutes. Time travels fast if you distract yourself with something and the chilling will seem insignificant.

I usually bring a trench coat to warm me for the next hour. There is a lingering chilliness and a slight warmth inside my body. I can’t quite describe it. The first week or the first three days felt like the adjustment period. I shiver with the cold feeling. After each body wrap session, I feel I lost so much calories that I just want to vegetate on my couch. I felt exhausted the first 3 days of the challenge.

Now on my third week or day 7, I am more or less adjusted. I still feel chilled but I can tolerate it more.

Watch my progress here as I continue on to my fourth week or probably on Day 10. I still have a long way to go but I am sure I can continue this challenge.

In the meantime, read the FAQ below if you are interested to know more about their money back guarantee “Pro-Plus Program”

Q: Will I really lose weight after the first week?

Yes! In most cases, clients see initial weight loss after just the first week with their Pro-Plus Program. In fact, one of our clients who signed up for the program has already lost 7 lbs. in just 15 days, which made her even more motivated now to go on with the program. Imagine how slim she’ll be after she completes her program!

Q: What happens if I don’t lose weight at all after my Pro-Plus Program?

Then you get your money back. No discussions. No complicated, long processing.

Q: How much weight do I expect to lose?

This will depend on your target weight loss and commitment with your Pro-Plus Program.

What the Pro-Plus Program is guaranteeing is that you will lose at least 10% of your starting weight. The 10% weight loss serves as the program’s platform to not put you into an unhealthy,   unsafe drastic weight loss situation and avoid the Yo-yo effect. According to Dr. Ariel Torres, Marie France Doctor, drastic weight loss usually leads to weight rebounding and may cause you health problems. “Healthy weight loss should be gradual, at the rate of no faster than 2 lbs. per week. It is not safe to lose more than that. If you do, you’re risking your health of nutritional deficiencies, malnourishment and dehydration.” Dr. Torres said.

Q: Why is Marie France offering a Money-Back Guarantee?

            “The Marie France Pro-Plus Program has been proven 100% effective and can guarantee real, sustainable weight loss. We are so confident that if a client follows the program, she will lose weight.” said Ms. Janet Vergara, Marie France Slimming Counselor. “If you’re unable to lose weight after the program, we’ll give you a refund of your money. No if’s. No but’s.”

The Money-Back Guaranteed Pro-Plus Program does not involve appetite suppression, surgical procedures, injections and exercise so you are guaranteed of a safe, painless, risk-free and sure weight loss.

For more information on the the Money-Back Guaranteed Pro-Plus Program and to book your FREE consultation, please call Marie France at 8942639 today .

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