Chooks to Go, practical to-go solution for Moms on-the-go


I prefer home cooked meals over eating out but there are just those times that it is impossible to cook.  There are many food to-go solutions out there but I swear, the Chooks to Go is on the top of my list. Why? Because it is tasty. I don’t need sauce to make it yummy . That’s is how I want my roasted chicken to be…tasty to the bone without the need of a sauce. I had the privilege of visiting the Bounty Agro Ventures Inc. (BAVI) facilities in Cebu and saw the marinade process inside their plant. I think it’s  important for all of you to get a good grasp of where our chicken originates and of the processes involved in getting it from Farm to Fork. I appreciated the process and now I am hooked to Chooks to go..(No pun intended)


Chooks-to-Go offers oven-roasted chicken in sweet and pepper roast flavors.


I believe Chooks-to-go brand  is the only roast chicken that can be enjoyed without sauce (masarap kahit walang sauce).


In their latest campaign, Vic Sotto is their newest brand ambassador talking about “Hindi ka nag-uui ng basta-basta lang na ulam”.  Providing on-the-go moms with an affordable but special take-home “ulam” option…an oven-roasted chicken that’s healthy, juicy and delicious.


“When you bring home to replace home cook meals, it has to be something really special for the family. Importante ‘yun kasi the family always expects na hind basta-basta lang ang uwi mong ulam,” said Vic Sotto. That’s exactly the philosophy of my take home meals.

Helping Filipino moms in their loving task of providing food to-go solution, the campaign brings to light Chooks-to-Go as the best value for money take-home meal.


You should try it!

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