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CLEAR and Manchester United in inspiring today’s youth through football

My young boy’s favorite toy was a football. Oh how, he loved to throw this ball around the garden and pretend that he could play it. It wasn’t too popular in the nineties. How I wished there was a camp that nurtured my boy’s interest in sports! Since then , the development of football has grown so much since the Azkals grew into popularity. With this growing interest in football in the Philippines, Manchester United realized the potential by activating a partnership with CLEAR (the Anti-Dandruff shampoo for men) to grow the No. 1 sport in the world.


Both CLEAR and Manchester United share a common philosophy in football development with its commitment in inspiring today’s youth through football. Football is great for kids as it not only enhances physical well-being but promotes social social development too. “Kids who participate in sports attend school more, are more community and civic minded, get in less trouble, and tend to be more successful in the workplace. They have done studies from corporate leaders in the country: The number who made honor role was less than 20% but those who played sports was 80%.” Not only that, our young athletes “learn to work together, acquire leadership skills, get a sense of discipline and learn communication skills” which are keys to success in the workplace.

Manchester United has over 10 million followers in the Philippines and they are just delighted “with this opportunity to bring our Soccer schools to the country through our partnership with CLEAR”.

CLEAR and Manchester United on football
For 2014, CLEAR and Manchester United will launch the Clear-Manchester United football camp where “32 most promising aspiring young amateur players will be trained in the Manchester United Soccer School”.

To kick off the search, CLEAR, in partnership with the United Football League (UFL) will hold try-outs in Davao, Bacolod, Cebu and Metro Manila. Interested applicants can apply at cleardreammatch.com.ph starting February 1 or call 0999-768-4551. Tryouts will take place in the following dates: March 22 (Cebu), March 23 (iloilo), March 29 (Davoa), March 30 (Metro Manila), April 25-27 (Camp).

There are opportunities now for our kids. Who knows your kids can be a future football athlete?

(will update this after the event)

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