6 beauty resolutions you should make

by Bianca Lisondra as originally published at the Philippine Online Chronicles

Every year, people come up with New Year’s resolutions, but always end up not pulling through. Schedules get too hectic that people tend to forget their long-term goals. I bet part of this list is your resolution to take care of yourself better. As early as now, make a commitment to be your better more beautiful you this 2016. How? Here are 6 beauty resolutions you should include in your list and make them happen!

1. Invest time and money for good lingerie/underwearlingerie

You’ll be surprised that a lot of girls are wearing undergarments that are not fashionable enough (just because they think people won’t see it anyway), when in fact lingerie speaks for us too. Picking the right bra and underwear can instantly change how a dress and top looks on your body so invest wisely!

2.  Cheat on your nude lipstick with a dark colordark lips

Nude lipstick is actually sexy but mixing it with crazy dark colors is actually hot. When it comes to lipsticks, you are totally free to try as much as colors that you want as long as it’s not ruining the outfit you’re wearing (which actually never happens because that’s how powerful lipsticks are).

3. Quality over quantityshopping

A lot of girls love inexpensive clothes because they’re after the quantity. If you’re constantly filling your closet with cheap pieces that lose shape after a few washes, then I guess it’s time for you to re-shop. When it comes to wardrobe basics like blazers, comfy jeans and a little black dress, invest in good quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

4. Get your own “Eyebrows on Fleek”brows

A lot are going gaga over having that “eyebrows on fleek”. In fact, video tutorials are taking over Youtube. Are you one of those girls who still cannot achieve fleek? Eyebrow powder is the perfect partner for this. Draw only the outlines of your brows and fill it with eyebrow gel for a good finished product.

fleek brows

5. Avoid layering products all at the same time

Do you place some beauty oil over your night cream? Or do you use glossy lipstick over your lip moisturizer? Learn how to balance these things. Layering products just clog your pores, promote increased oiliness and can stunt your chosen products from doing its job.

6. Don’t follow the trend just because everyone’s doing it

Remember the time when everyone wanted thin eyebrows and started hacking away tweezers and shavers? So when full-on brows became all the rage, those people had a hard time growing their brows back. An easy lesson we can take from this: don’t get persuaded easily by trends. Think twice about that new lipstick you want to spend all your money for just because you saw Rihanna wear it.

These are six simple things you can do to start your year right and be a better you. Go ahead and make your 2016 fabulous.

Photos from: Polyvore, Google, Preen, Elle.

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