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Dress to de-stress

Written by Gaby Novenario as originally posted at the Philippine Online Chronicles

Dressing for the day is one of the most important parts of it. Call it superficial, but it’s true: how you feel about how you look plays a major role in how you go about interacting with the world outside your doorstep. Now there’s something psychological in there somewhere, but I definitely don’t have the right and the know-how to delve into that, so I’m speaking from the point of view of a young female professional in the media industry; an industry that puts a lot of importance on appearances.

Before the meetings and the emails pile in, one of your biggest tasks will be putting together the day’s outfit, whether it be for a big event or a casual work day. So regardless of all the tasks you stress about, how you dress shouldn’t have to add to it, and may even alleviate it. However, there are those inevitable days when dressing up isn’t the always one of your best moments and looking in the mirror is like that scene in Princess Diaries when Mia Thermopolis looks and the mirror and tells herself, “this is as good as it’s gonna get.” You don’t want to go out of the house feeling that way, so I’ve put together a list on how to make dressing less stressful.

Have a uniform
I’m not telling you to be another Mark Zuckerberg, unless that’s you thing, but hear me out here: Having that one go-to outfit is best for days when you just can’t force yourself to dress-up or days when you just aren’t feeling it. Uniforms eliminate the pain of putting together an outfit, and they can be as simple as a dress you can easily slip on, or a combination of clothes that make you feel comfortable. Either way, the point is to make it easy for you.

One of my favourite combinations is a crisp polo thrown on top of a tank top, dark jeans, and flats or sneakers. This look can easily be a casual office day look that can transform into something for a night out if you throw the proper heels on.

Get Schooled: Uniforms may either mean the same outfits every time, or it can mean the same look. These outfits play on the same types of pieces in different colors and textures paired with a different pair of shoes each time—a play on the “uniform” look.

Note the day’s outfit in your planner 

Being an outfit repeater isn’t the worst thing you could be, but listing your day’s outfit saves you the added stress of worrying about who’s seen you in that exact same look and where. Before you start shrugging this off and pretending it’s never happened to you, I’ll save you the trouble and say it: We’ve all been there, so might as well avoid it. Plus side of this is that you can tick off outfits you like and take note of them for future reference when you need a go-to outfit.

Have the basics in your closet

You know what these are, but let me highlight some that are most often forgotten: a blazer (for those days when you suddenly have to look official but you cameEver in looking casual), an evening bag (because you’ll definitely have fancy evening events to go to), a comfortable skirt, and a sensible pair of jeans. They may seem like boring pieces, but out in the working world, you’ll most definitely need them at one point or another.

Ever Ready: Unlike unnecessary clutter, basic pieces will always come in handy. Keep them updated, clean, and properly sized for when you need them the most. Ever Ready

Learn the art of mix ‘n match
The concept is simple: You have a few versatile pieces and too many days in a month, so you pair them with other versatile pieces and save yourself a ton of money and a whole lot of stress. Here’s a hint: keep the statement pieces at a minimal, but don’t fear them. Use them to add personality to your outfits and incorporate colors and patterns. Most of all, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Shufflin’ it: Shoes, a jacket, blouse, a bag, and a dress
Some statement pieces to add to your daily mix.

Shugglin' It

Keep 2 extra pairs of shoes under your desk or in your car
Simply because things happen unexpectedly, these two pairs eliminate the stress of feeling under or over-dressed. Flats are always a good option and comfortable heels in a safe black or beige color are easily paired with any outfit for a night event or dinner out.

Perfectly Paired: Remember to keep in mind the kind of work you do and the kind of events that normally pop-up so your backup pairs will always be useful.Perfectly Paired

Plan your outfits the night before
This is a no-brainer, but I’m throwing it in if you are still one of those people who don’t see the need. To you, consider this a sign: on days when you have to be somewhere early, put in the extra minutes the night before to plan the next day’s look. This saves you the extra few minutes it takes to look for clothes so you can rush out and beat the morning rush.

Clean out your closet every six months

Six months sounds short, but you can’t imagine how much unnecessary clutter you accumulate within that span of time. Keep it simple and throw out or re-purpose the clutter to keep your closet looking clean, organized, and inspiring.

Throw it out:Throw it outClothes you keep because you are waiting for the day they will fit, clothes that are ruined in some way thus leading to you never wanting to wear them again, clothes that you wore during a phase in your life (i.e. all those shirts you bought in 2006), and all those turista shirts you got on various vacations but never really wore.

Disclaimer: Outfits styled by the author via Polyvore.com

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