Matstone juicer: Self-healing power with juicing

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You can buy the Matstone Multipurpose Slow Juicer MSP 2012 (Maroon) online at Lazada with easy installment terms.

I first came across “juicing” during one of my grief support meeting, a few years back. My friend was sipping green juice from her bottle as we exchanged stories. I thought the green juice looked disgusting. Like any non-veggie person, I normally don’t eat greens in its raw state. My friend soon explained that juicing maximizes nutrient intake, fight disease, strengthen cellular defense against free radicals, alleviate pain, encourage weight-loss, and decrease the need for medication.

pineapple spinach lemon

There is still controversy whether liquid absorbed into our body is a few times faster than the usual case of normally eating in solid form. While each one of us have their reasons to juice, mine is because I want to take in the nutrients of leafy green vegetables which I cannot do in its natural state. Squeezing a variety of vegetables with fruit juice will make it palatable and easy to ingest. Whether it is the fastest way to supply vitamins and minerals is a bonus.

matstone juice box
You can buy the Matstone Multipurpose Slow Juicer MSP 2012 (Maroon) online at Lazada with easy installment terms.

The opportunity to finally take the plunge came when my good friend, Jane, shared that she was buying a juicer. I had set my mind on another brand. Her choice was “Matstone low speed multi-purpose juicer” which she was buying from Angelo Songco of Sugarleaf. I got even more convinced because at a low speed of 80 rpm , the original nutrients and flavor are preserved. The best part is… it is not just a juicer The Matstone multipurpose juice extractor has a variety of functions such as blending, mincing, making noodles, mixing sauces, mincing fish and meats, bean curd and more.

matstone juicer 1

Of course, I chose maroon to add color to my kitchen. Upon opening the box, I felt overwhelmed and intimidated with all the parts to assemble . I told myself first things first. Let’s start with juicing.

matstone juicer manual

I also watched this juicing video to orient myself with the assembly and started to assemble the parts soon after.

I took time to read the product manual and the “Living Juice recipe book”. The product manual familiarized me with the part list and what to prepare before juicing. The recipe book has a wide variety of recipes especially on the mixed juice which interested me more. I soon created a pinterest account on juicing and start my own collection of recipes.

preparing for juicing

I love all the mixed juices I prepared the past three days.

My first mixed juice was Beet + Apple + Celery Juice which is said to improve liver function

apple beet celery juice

Then I tried Apple + Carrot + Celery juice. Effects are for the enhancement of liver function, detoxification, eye fatigue, constipation, indigestion and improvement.

apple carrot celery

Apple + Broccoli juice with effects on constipation, digestion and prevention of obesity.

apple celery juice

Then my latest is Pineapple + Spinach + Lemon + Ginger juice which I got at my pinterest collection.

pineapple spinach lemon

There were a few tips I learned along the way.

1. Use a homemade vegetable wash from ¼ cup of vinegar and ¼-cup white baking soda. Mix in a nonmetallic bowl. Once the fizz subsides, add a liter of purified water and transfer to a clean spray bottle. Use the solution on conventionally grown produce. Spray and rinse well. This step will lessen the chemicals, but not necessarily eliminate them.

2. Fruits and vegetables cut to small sizes so there is more juicing done.

3. Carrots need to be immersed in water for 5 minutes or so to soften it a bit and get more juice.

4. One can get a great amount of juice by inserting small ingredients at one time.

5. The pulp can be used as ingredients for cookies, muffins or as an extender for ground meat to make meat loaf. I plan to add it for dumpling or lumpia shanghai.

6. Apples really help first-time juicers get accustomed to fruit/vegetable combinations and ginger has great flavour and is perfect for detoxifying.

juicing with matstone juicer

I am loving it so far. I feel good taking in the vegetable juice. Though the Matstone is quite expensive, I know I made a good choice . The low-speed ensures that the juice from the produce is gently squeezed to retain even the most heat-sensitive nutrients. High-speed juicers emit heat that compromises the crop’s enzymes and phyto-nutrients , Angelo Songco of Sugarleaf explained.

juicing with mastone

I am excited to incorporate juicing into my lifestyle not because it seems to be the trend these days. With juicing there is no “one size fits all”, so the best way to approach it is to find what works for me. I do not expect a miracle food that’s going to make me instantly healthy or cure whatever ails me. One has to start somewhere though. The real point of juicing is to find a way to get more and more plant food into my body.

More juicing ideas can be found at my Pinterest board.

buy matstone juicer at lazada
You can buy the Matstone Multipurpose Slow Juicer MSP 2012 (Maroon) online at Lazada with easy installment terms.

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