Summer Footcare tips

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by Toni Tiu, as originally posted on Summer Footcare Tips at the Philippine Online Chronicles.

Summer is flip-flops and sandals season. It’s that time of the year when you show off your feet the most! Walking barefoot in the sand may sound romantic, but exposing your feet to the heat can be tough on them. Keep your feet happy this summer by protecting them so they stay pretty and healthy through the summer.


Keep your feet clean.  Bad hygiene, especially during summer, can bring about fungal infections, flaky skin, and plain ol’ smelly feet. If you feel your feet have become dryer, sweatier or itchier, keep them clean.  Soap your feet thoroughly. Don’t forget those little spaces in between your toes! Exfoliate your feet once a week to remove dead skin. Use a foot scrub or a pumice stone. This will help rid your skin of dry skin cells, making them look softer. Make sure to dry your feet properly after cleaning them. After scrubbing, moisturize your feet to make them softer.

Are you drawing up your shopping list for your summer wardrobe? For sure it will include summer footwear like the latest flip flop styles or the most comfortable and stylish sandals. By all means, go for it! Just remember that the more you expose your feet, the more it’s prone to damage! Put another item on your shopping list: suncreen. Don’t forget to put a good SPF on your feet! The elements can dry your skin, so protect your feet from the sun, wind and sand by applying sunscreen regularly.


Does the idea of wading in the sea shore sound romantic? Do try it out, but resist the urge to soak your feet for too long. Soaking can dehydrate your feet, so clean up and moisturize after frolicking through the waters.

You’ll notice that after a visit to the beach, your heels dry out more easily than the rest of your foot. Heels can be prone to over-use, and because the skin around this area is thicker, it takes more moisturizer to soften it. After a shower, apply lotion or a body oil to seal in the moisture. Before bedtime, slather your heels with a moisturizing lotion too. You’ll wake up with beautifully soft feet.

Want picture-perfect pedicured feet? Give your toenails a break from nail polish for a few days.  Your toes need to breathe so they can carry on with their healthy growth. Toenails with nail polish that has stayed on for too long, or toenails that haven’t been allowed to breath for a long time can result in discoloration and dry nails. Do your toenails a favor and keep them nail-polish free for a few days up to a week.


One thing that’s definitely unwelcome during the summer is the blister. They can show up  often during the summer,  especially if you like wearing thong-type flip-flops. Blisters are caused by the rubbing of the skin, resulting in painful, uncomfortable bumps. Avoid summer blisters my making sure your feet stay dry. Wear footwear that fit well and aren’t too tight or too loose. Whenever you feel your feet are getting tired and sweaty, let them rest. If you do end up with a blister, resist the urge to pick it or put a bandage over it. Let is dry on its own.

Be conscious of foot infections! The floors of communal showers and changing rooms can be a breeding ground for infections like athlete’s foot. When in public places like community pools or hotel pools, protect your feet by wearing flip-flops. Even in the showers where you may be tempted to go barefoot, wear flip-flops. Better safe than sorry.

With summer comes sweat, and nobody likes sweaty feet. The sweatier your feet are, the higher the chances of you getting fungal infections. Expose your feet to the air regularly, especially if you have to wear socks and shoes through the day. This allows your feet to breathe.


Take care of your feet, and you’ll keep them feet happy and healthy through the summer!

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