Sunblock Fact or Fiction: How Much Do You Really Know?

Summer is almost here. I wish the cool weather will always stay but that is not possible in a tropical country. Before you plan for your summer vacation and pack your bags and have all sorts of fun under the sun, let’s play a little game and see how much you really know about sunblock:


1) 12 + 8 = 20, so when you put on moisturizer with SPF 12 and foundation with SPF 8, common sense tells you that you have SPF 20 on, right?

WRONG. Sunblock Mathematics is even simpler than that. When mixing several products that have sun protection, the product with the highest SPF is as high as you can get. In other words, 12 + 8 = 12. Kinda cool, actually.

2) It’s called SUNblock. So you only need it when it’s a SUNny day. When it’s cloudy, the sun isn’t there anyway, right?

SORRY. Unfortunately, UV rays are more powerful than that. They can penetrate clouds and bounce off pavements even on a rainy day. So when is it safe not to wear sunblock? Only when the sun stops shining. Or…only when you’re staying indoors the whole day, with the blinds shut and all.

3) Sunblock and sunscreen are two words with the same exact meaning, right?

NOT REALLY. Think of them as Batman and Superman. They both do a great job of protecting us, but their ways of doing so are different. Sunscreen absorbs the UV rays and quickly deactivates the harmful ones so they can’t hurt the skin. Sunblock, on the other hand, creates an invisible shield around the skin, scaring away the UV rays before they even touch the skin surface. Awesome.

4) If you’re planning to wear a long-sleeved top and jeans, skip the sunblock. I mean, we only need sunblock for the exposed parts of our body, right?

NOPE. The average cotton shirt has an SPF of only about 5. That amount of SPF is too low. And unfortunately, the darker your clothes, the faster they absorb UV rays. So especially for prolonged sun exposure, you must cover your entire body with sunblock every day before getting dressed.

5) Sunblocks are all the same, anyway. So you can buy any sunblock at all and expect it to do the work for you, right?

NO WAY. Assuming that all sunblocks are the same is as silly as saying everything that flies in the sky is Superman. But you know who the Superman of all sunblocks is? Beach Hut!


I am seriously crazy about Beach Hut’s line of sunblock. They are serious about sun protection and make their powerful sunblocks available in all sorts of forms so that you have no excuse to stay protected. Aside from lotions, their sunblock is available in spray form, which is great news for people who are too impatient to wait for lotion sunblock to set in. It’s non-sticky, hypoallergenic, and they even have a gentler variant for children. And for those of you who don’t think sunblock isn’t enough to protect you from the harsh summer sun, you might enjoy Beach Hut Max 100, the sunblock with the highest SPF protection available.

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