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What’s the best hair color for you?

Written by Bianca Lisondra, originally published at the Philippine Online Chronicles

One of the easiest ways to change your look is to change the color of your hair. Choosing the right and best color for you can be a little tricky because you don’t only have to consider the color to apply but also the color of your skin tone. Let me share you some tips in considering what color to choose.

hair color maina. Always consider your skin tone.


If you have a dark skin, choosing a light hair color is a no-no because you’ll look darker.

If you have a pinkish skin, never go for blonde type of colors. It’s safe for you to stick to ash tones to neutralize your coloring.

If you have a pale skin, lucky you! You are the one who usually does not have a hard time choosing hair colors. You’re free to go from super light to super dark.

b. Dig in your closet and see what color of outfit you usually wearcloset clothes

If majority of your clothes are like yellow, red, orange, you can choose golden brown or auburn hair color.

If majority of your clothes are black, royal blue or maroon, they’re best paired with cool hair tones like ash blonde, jet-black, or burgundy. 

If majority of your clothes are teal, grey, purple, neutral tones are best for you like chocolate brown or mahogany.

c. Consider the jewelry you wear

If you’re always wearing a silver set of jewelry, your hair color should be dark colored. silver jewelry

If you’re always wearing gold set of jewelry, you’re good to have light colored hair tone.

gold jewelry

d. What’s your eye color? eyecolorpng

Brown, green or hazel eyes are suited for warm hair tones like auburn, red or gold. Blue or grey eyes are suited best for cool-toned hair colors like ash blonde or light gold

e. Determining the best hair color

If you want to go for brown shade hair, your hair must originally have a brown shade already so it would perfectly mix with a new shade of brown.

determing color1

If you want to go for red, given that red is not good for everyone, you must have a pale skin so the hair color will glow in you. Also, be sure that your hair isn’t dry because this type of hair color can be easily seen when fading. Of course you wouldn’t want to look like your hair is dead, right?

determing color2

If you want to have a gold hair tone, convince yourself that you’re ready to maintain it daily because you need to have a regular root touch-ups and products that will make your hair healthy.determing color3

Consider going black if determined to stick with it because once you get it, it’s impossible for your hair not to get damaged especially if you change it with a light one.

determing color4

All photos from Google and Polyvore

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