Cohen lifestyle Program: Fighting obesity with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle

Looking at the photo, you cannot tell that they were once obese. Their stories speak for themselves. The ladies behind Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines (from left to right in the photo) Barbara Young and Regina Rodriguez-Chuavon were once obese too. Look at how gorgeous they look today. And most likely healthier than ever.

I am simply amazed at their transformation. I got to listen to their stories at a recent media preview of the Cohen Lifestyle program. Before this event, I knew at least two friends who lost a lot of weight just by following the Cohen Program.

Their success stories motivate me to share this program in my blog. Who knows someone might be interested? Their only motivation was to lose weight. With just food as their medicine, the Cohen Program allowed them to lose weight fast and keep it off safely and effectively. Even without exercise.

Losing weight has been a major challenge since I became a mom and bore kids. Losing weight fast and keeping it off is even more daunting. While I am not obese, I am sure some of you out there might know someone who is obese and may want to lost weight fast.

I am sure most of us desire a safe and effective way to lose all the unwanted pounds without going through extreme procedures like liposuction , or the risk of side effects from diet pills, Bangkok pills and injections.

What is the Cohen program?

Cohen lifestyle is such a buzz word but how much do you know about it?

The Cohen Program is an individually-tailored weight loss program that allows all types of people, such as housewives, busy executives, students, and even those who don’t have time to exercise, to lose an average of 8 – 10 lbs. in a month with food as medicine. The program corrects hormonal imbalance and is developed by Dr. Rami Cohen, MD, an international specialist renowned for his research on hormones involved in obesity and weight loss.

Dr. Cohen’s research identified HGH, insulin and serotonin as responsible for obesity. HGH preserves muscle tissue and breaks down fat; insulin which regulates blood sugar levels and therefore stops hunger pangs, and serotonin, which tells the body when it is full or satisfied. In people who suffer from “obesity syndrome,” the HGH level is low; unnaturally high levels of insulin are released, and serotonin is not discharged correctly. As a result, obese people constantly crave food and, despite how little or how much they eat, they still gain weight.

With the Cohen Program, Dr. Cohen personally develops an individually tailored Eating Plan. Each person undergoes a blood test and the results are used to analyze their unique blood chemistry. A personalized eating plan which triggers the body’s natural ability to shed off fat rapidly and safely is then developed to restore hormonal balance.

The Eating Plan consists of three meals a day taken in specific quantities from the basic food groups of protein, vegetable, fruit and carbohydrate. No exotic or expensive food needs to be purchased. The essential formula is the specific quantity and combination unique to each person.

Fight obesity with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

The specialized Eating Plan is followed by a short, stabilizing Refeeding Program, to reintroduce rich foods without upsetting the balance created by the Eating Plan. This ensures that the weight won’t be regained once a patient resumes normal eating, provided that management guidelines are faithfully followed.

“The Cohen Program is not a diet, it is a lifestyle,” says Barbara Young, CEO of Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines. “Following the personalized program precisely will allow the body to correct the chemical imbalance naturally. The Cohen Program is also a safer, healthier and cheaper alternative to invasive procedures,” says Barbara, herself a beneficiary of the program.

Customers who have tried the Cohen Program

Rescina Bhagwani- before and after taking part in the Cohen Program. In 10 months, Rescina shed 86 lbs

Three customers who showed up for the event benefited from the Cohen Program such as Rescina Bhagwani, fresh graduate Karen Gayle Sison and entrepreneur Jeffrey Tan. Prior to the Cohen Program, Rescina tipped the scales at 210 lbs. She lived a sedentary lifestyle and loved indulging in buffet meals. “My close friends and I would also dine at least twice a week.” Rescina and I are both in our mid-fifties. It is never too late to lose weight. In fact the age range is from 18 to 65 years old. Sadly diabetics like myself can’t join this program because of my medications to regulate the insulin levels.

Karen Gayle Sison- before and after taking part in the Cohen Program. She lost 80 pounds in 10 months

Karen weighed 220 lbs., a result of her “eating here and there” lifestyle. In college, she says, “I practically lived fast food every day.” Compounding matters was that Karen “believed that every problem can be solved by making and eating food.”

Jeffrey Tan- before and after taking part in the Cohen Program. Jeffrey lost 120 lbs in 10 months.

Just like Karen, Jeffrey loved to eat like it was a feast. Making matters worse was Jeffrey’s sedentary lifestyle, making him a hefty 291 lbs.

Eventually, the unhealthy eating habits of Rescina, Karen and Jeffrey began to take their toll. Rescina got tired easily and her blood pressure was always elevated at 170/110. Karen’s menstrual period became irregular and she was soon diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). “I suddenly was at risk not only for infertility but also diabetes and cancer,” says Karen. For Jeffrey, being overweight made it difficult for him to achieve even the simplest of tasks. “Picking things up from the floor or just tying my shoe lace took a lot of effort,” says Jeffrey.

Today, after 10 months on the Cohen Program: Karen , Jeff and Rescina

Fully-committed to transform their lives for the better, Rescina, Karen and Jeffrey enrolled in the Cohen Program. In 10 months, Rescina shed 86 lbs, while Karen and Jeffrey lost 90 lbs. and 120 lbs, respectively within 8 months. Needless to say, they are thrilled with the results.

“I’m out of medication for hypertension, I can play an hour of badminton or do yoga and not feel tired and I’m now ready to take physical activities for sustained health,” says Rescina. “My life became better.

I started getting my monthly periods, I feel happier and livelier than I ever did before,” says Karen.

Jeffrey says, “I feel light, agile, everything feels easy to do. I even do 120 push ups each morning to complement my daily morning exercise.”

I got to talk to Jeff and Rescina on how they managed to sustain their diet. Their only motivation was the desire to lose weight and stick to the Cohen Program. The program is very simple to follow if one has the determination to succeed . Jeff and Rescina stuck to the program and got the weight loss they desired. Food is the only thing the took. There are no injections, exercise, diet pills, meal replacements or special foods, simply the food already in your kitchen. Best of all, they didn’t have to starve on the program, as it is a balanced eating plan. The program involved weighing the food though .

Fight obesity with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

The cost of the Cohen Lifestyle program is 55,000 pesos but you can use your zero 6 months payment plan from your credit card . According to Brenda, the amount of 55,000 pesos is not much considering she previously invested at a lifestime gym program. pills and other weight loss programs that probably cost more than 55,000 pesos. Rescina told me that her husband who gave her the 55,000 pesos believed it was worth every money he spent.

The Cohen Program is about spreading the message of hope and encouragement to those looking for a proven, safe and sustainable solution to obesity. Reading the success stories of these three customers can truly inspire someone who desperately wants to lose that extra baggage in their body.

To know more about the Cohen Program, visit the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre at Suite 1006, 10th Floor Medical Plaza Makati Building, Amorsolo cor. de la Rosa Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City. You may also log on to, email [email protected] or call 502-1090, 501-5237.

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