Secrets to smudge-free makeup from day to night

Written by Bianca Lisondra , as originally posted at the Philippine Online Chronicles

There’s nothing that ruins your day more than checking yourself out in the mirror and seeing smudged eye-shadow or mascara, or your brows are not on point. This is the reason why lots of girls prefer to have a natural make up look so it wouldn’t be that hard to retouch, especially if they’re having a busy day.

Here are some tips to create a perfect day-to-night look with 7 easy steps.

Step # 1: Put foundation on your eyelids



eyelids foundation

As per makeup gurus, putting foundation on your eyelids helps the eye-shadow stay longer.  It also makes your face look fresh (even if you have no eye-shadow). This works best after putting on a little amount of concealer for better coverage.

Step # 2: Apply eye-shadow from lash to brow


When doing this, make sure you work on the shadows of your lashes’ roots, then blend it well. For girls with bangs, especially those on full bangs, extend the color to your brows to make your make up and eyes pop out.

Step # 3: Shadows on low lash line


Use a smaller brush when applying shows on the low part of your lashes to make your eyes appear bigger. Always put in mind that applying three tone shadows nowadays is a no-no. You only need one to two colors and apply it in layers for a deeper look.

Step # 4: Glassy/translucent foundation

Translucent foundation is indeed a secret for stopping the smudging of eye-shadow and mascara. This foundation also works for all types of skin tone

Step # 5: Right application of mascara


Not everyone is aware that the right application of mascara is putting on the upper and lower part of lashes. Also, when curling them, have at least three separate points to achieve the biggest and longest lashes.

Step # 6: Color of eye brows

Coloring of eyebrows is really on trend today and it’s always perfect if you know how to make your brows on point. But before that, you have to make sure first that you have the right color of shadow for you – this will depend on the color of your hair. This works well when your eyebrow shadow has gel because it makes the powder lasts longer.

Step # 7: Lip balm glam


Finally, finish your perfect day-to-night look with a perfect lip balm. This is not just about moisturizing your lips. but also helping your lipstick look glass and natural, so it’s really great for work.

These steps might seem complicated, but trust me when I say, it takes only a good 30- 45 minutes to achieve a smudge-free makeup all day.

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