Pampering day: Skin rejuvenation with Renew by Affirm at Facial Care Centre

Pampering means a “me time” at the beauty salon, the spa or facial treatments. With all the citizen media coverage that I do with the Corona Impeachment trial, I feel really stressed out. I make sure I don’t miss out my Renew by Affirm at Facial Care Centre because it makes me feel good. Feeling good is about taking care of yourselves, right? If you read my first experience at of the Renew Treatment, you will see that I really liked it because it was a more pleasant experience than my other fractional laser resurfacing treatment in the past.

The Ortigas branch is where I have my treatment. The Eastwood branch is closer to my home and hopefully I can do my next “Renew”there.

I brought my EMLA (Topical anethesia cream) so there is lesser pain. It costs 520 pesos. This second treatment will be more painful than the first one because the strength will be increased. They don’t start with high strength in the first treatment so I can get used to it. I told the doctor that I can tolerate the pain and she can increase it.

The staff led me to my room and applied the EMLA cream and let it stayed for 30 minutes. That’s the machine they use. The doctor came in and did two rounds on my face. Ouch, it was more painful this time. The doctor noted that my cheeks turned pink immediately. I thought to myself “NO PAIN NO GAIN” and grinned. I knew it will be over in less than 20 minutes. Cool air is also applied together as the doctor treats my face. The assistant places two cool compress on my face . The cool compress coupled with an ice pack is such a comfort. I could feel the sting and warmth but I know the pain will be over in an hour or so.

I got up after the cold compress , got a mirror and saw my face was all blotched up. No problem. I can still apply powder or foundation. The doctor told me no whitening creams (No thank you I don’t use whitening creams) and abrasive skin cleansers. I needed to apply sun block and avoid direct sunlight.

The day after… My face is still pinkish but not swollen. My previous fraxel treatments didn’t allow me to go out of the house as my face was often swollen. I look disfigured and ugly.

So what does Renew do again? I wrote extensively here.

Expect improvements in skin complexion, texture, pore size, and pigmentation may be observed after the first treatment. As one goes further on with additional treatments, collagen stimulation response (remodeling and new collagen synthesis) may be expected and is typically associated with improvements in overall skin tone as well as smoothening of scars.

Contact Details of Facial Care Centre

Call: 892-SKIN (7546) for a free consultation
Twitter: @FacialCareCtrPh

Other than skin rejuvenation skin tightening and, photo-aging, facial scars and acne marks can be a thing of the past with RENEW. Call 892-SKIN (7546) to know more about what RENEW can do for your skin.

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