Renew by Affirm: My third treatment at Facial Care Centre

Young at heart. Slightly older in other places. That’s what I tell my young online friends.

As I turn 55 years old on June, I am still fortunate that I don’t have wrinkles. Instead of wrinkles, brown spots, eye bags, and fine marionette lines can be found on my face. I know when it is time for my skin rejuvenation when I see sagging just below my lips. That only means my face does not produce enough collagen.

Collagen constantly renews itself but as we age, our skin incrementally loses its ability to replace old collagen. The fractional laser resurfacing treatment stimulates collagen production. If I can afford the treatment, why not?

I wrote before that I undergo fractional laser resurfacing treatment and skin rejuvenation using Renew by Affirm at the Facial Care Centre. Today I had my third treatment and I am quite happy with the result. The first treatment was on January 26, 2012 and the second treatment on March 7, 2012 brought subtle improvement. It is expected to be that way since the Renew by Affirm is not as invasive as other laser technologies. The dermatologist told me I can expect noticeable improvements on my fourth treatment.

I brought my EMLA (Topical anethesia cream) again just to minimize the pain. The nurse first removes traces of my makeup before applying the EMLA. She then places saran wrap so the EMLA does not evaporate. For the next 30 minutes, I just nap a bit . The doctor will start the treatment 30 minutes after EMLA application.

That’s the Renew machine. The nurse prepares my records for the doctor to study. I am told that the strength will increase on the third treatment. With increasing strength, I expect more pain. Of course, my mantra is “no pain no gain”.

The nurse also prepares the cold compress to soothe my face after the Renew. It can get too warm or painful.

The doctor soon comes to my room and informs me that she will increase the strength. She told me I am lucky that the redness on my face only lasted one day. Others continue to experience redness for days. Well, maybe my skin is immmuned to the pain since I have been doing skin rejuvenation for the past four years.

This third treatment was quite painful than the two previous ones. The doctor said I should not have Renew every month now since my skin might already be too sensitive. Perhaps every two months. It was quite painful that she reduced the power and only 0.1 higher than the second treatment. Fortunately it only lasted for 20 minutes. I could feel my face throb.

The cold compress was so soothing. The nurse also applied ice on top of the compress. Then it was all over after 15 minutes of cooling down.

I went to the ladies room to see the redness on my face. Sporting a hat, I wanted to hide my red blotched face (if any) from curious onlookers.

To my amazement, there was hardly any redness except for the cheeks. Most of all, I noticed that the sagging skin below my lips was gone. I believe the Renew firmed up the surrounding skin thus lifting the sagging part.

Today, I learned that not everyone experience the same redness or pain threshold. I also know that not all the latest technology can give you happiness. So Live well, love much, laugh often…

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