No more excuses for being overweight because Marie France Eastwood is so near home

I am hitting a plateau. But all is not lost.

When I get to a plateau, I think of it as a landing on the stairway to my goal. And maintenance is a lifelong plateau, so a bit of “rehearsal” for maintenance isn’t the worst thing in the world. Well, I have to thank Marie France for helping me out here.

At my prime time age, it can get quite of a challenge to shed pounds. My metabolism has slowed down and I started to get flab on my abdomen and upper arms. It is easier to gain weight and I work extra hard in keeping my weight within its range limit for vanity and health reasons. I also attribute my diabetes wrecking havoc to losing that water.

Fat Mobilization System (FMS)

It’s been more than a month since I started Marie France Pro Plus program in the Marie France Ortigas branch. I used to be skeptical of their Fat Mobilization System (FMS) or their signature body wrap.

FMS is able to activate a fat clearance process following cold local application which has proved a valuable and well tolerated tool capable of influencing the entire system responsible for obesity. It involves bandaging with elasticated bandages soaked in active solution able to lower body temperature by 2-3 degrees. It helps you burn as much as 2,000 calories in just 25 minutes while you’re comfortably lying down.

I was quite impressed that there were clinical studies from University of Turin, Italy on the Efficacy of Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) in the treatment of obesity. Having been educated with a Minor in Chemistry and other Sciences, I always make it a point to look for research studies to back up claims of a technology.

New Eastwood branch

I was in for more good news because Marie France opened a new branch in Eastwood, just 10 minutes drive away from home. At the official launch on March 20, I was eager to start another treatment aside from the FMS.

Just like their Ortigas branch, I feel this calming vibe entering their cozy cosmopolitan atmosphere and their spacious treatment rooms. I usually get a room with a panoramic view of the city.

As I change to my pink-striped robe, I take a vanity shot for posterity. It’s my first day here after all. Marie France makes every weight-loss session a very pleasant, relaxing experience. Each session only requires you to lie down for half an hour. One can even read a book, listen to your favorite music or socialize online while doing the treatment. I usually tweet during these moments or look beyond the window of the 30th floor. I really have to find ways to get through the 25 minutes of coldness.

Their friendly therapist is either a nurse or physical therapy graduate who know their stuff. Like I said earlier, I like to know how a process can make one lose weight.

Plasti-Dermi Treatment (PDT)

PDT breaks down and releases trapped fat cells and helps eliminate excess inches. My problem areas are my abdominal bulge, love handles and flabby upper arms . The Marie France consultant told me with seven sessions, I will lose inches. It’s been six sessions so far and I am seeing results.

Actually the PDT is done first but I was only told about my additional treatment when the body wrap was around me already. I looked forward to PDT since it may help get rid of my problem areas. In my first session, it felt a bit painful as a suction-like sensation is applied on the sensitive skin around my abdomen.

It feels like a massage which is truly relaxing that I just nod off for the next 30 minutes and enjoy the experience.

I am quite happy in my new home. There is really no excuse for being overweight now. Marie France can only do so much to help me lose those bulges. I also have to help myself.

As the old saying goes “you can’t lose weight by talking about it. You have to keep your mouth shut. ” I also need to watch that diet. It is not a seafood diet where ” I see food and I eat it.” Eating low carb diet works best for me.

If you just live in the Libis or Eastwood area, and want to slim down the effective, sustainable and healthy way , their Eastwood branch is so convenient with ample parking space. It’s open from Monday to Saturday, 7AM to 7PM. Call 8942639 to book your free consultation. Or vist their website ask more information from their or Twitter @MarieFrancePhil

Marie France Eastwood branch
30th floor Unit C MDC 100 Building
E. Rodriguez Jr. avenue
Bagumbayan Quezon City

Map to Marie France Eastwood

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