Avon Life introduces nutritional supplements and health drinks

Avon Life launches two lines—Avon Life Glow and Avon Life Fit that promote good health and true beauty.

A stormy weather awaited me as I rushed to the Avon Life event at The Den in Marriott Hotel Manila for a relaxing brunch and a morning of looking good and feeling good. Taking care of myself is important to me and attending events like Avon life exposes me to the latest news in health and beauty. I have always associated Avon with beauty products. This time around Avon introduced a different product: The Avon Life nutritional supplements and health drinks. I learned more about the safety and efficacy of these products from Avon Life Nutritional Expert, Zenaida Velaso, and Avon’s Director of Regional Research and Development, Dr. Zhi Lu.

“The foundation of true beauty is good health. Though consistent diet and exercise are effective ways to improve our health and beauty, we have to admit that sometimes, these are not enough. Topical solutions may help but with today’s changing environment and lifestyle, women need something that can bring about change from within. This is where Avon Life comes in,” explains Joy Villareal, Avon’s Category Manager for Nutritionals.

This year, Avon takes beauty and empowerment one step further by encouraging women to embrace holistic health and beauty that starts from within. Through Avon Life, women can experience life to the fullest and can feel their new best. Avon Life launches two lines—Avon Life Glow and Avon Life Fit that are both built on research and science, and enable women to discover that what goes on inside their body is just as important as what goes on outside—because nothing is more beautiful than a happy, healthy woman.


Avon Life Glow boasts of three innovative products.

Avon Life’s Glutathione with N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) supplies the body with additional Glutathione, while NAC boosts the body’s natural production of Glutathione. Women can also enjoy the health benefits of Glutathione in the form of a lemon-flavored tea drink, with Avon Life’s White Tea with Glutathione. It combines the benefits of Glutathione and White Tea that lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and maintains radiant and youthful skin. A word of caution though. There is not enough evidence that Glutathione will lighten skin. Glutathione is more tested as a support for chemotherapy to prevent side effects, or as antioxidant support for various illnesses.

For women who are usually under the sun, Avon Life’s Grape Seed Extract helps prevent discoloration and aging. It is known to reduce the bad effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Avon Life’s Grape Seed Extract is combined with the nutrients of Ascorbic Acid, Green tea extract, and Lycopene to help women feel and look younger.


For weight management, Avon Life’s L-Carnatine Supplement with Tea Polyphenols aids in converting fats to energy and boosting metabolism. Tea Polyphenols also help increase metabolism and contains antioxidants for good health. Avon Life’s ProSlender Fiber Drink, a pineapple-flavored fiber drink helps keep women fuller longer. It contains Casein Glycomacro Peptide (CGMP), a whey protein that helps control appetite. TeaTrim, combines the benefits of three teas—Oolong, Lotus and Green Tea—in one tea bag. Oolong Tea leaves help block fat absorption and promote fat excretion. Lotus and Green Tea leaves are known to increase metabolism and convert fat into energy.

I took home my own sets of Avon Life Glow and Avon Life Fit, so I could test them out and of course I will update you in the coming months.

Avon Life products are available exclusively through Avon Representatives nationwide. Don’t have an Avon Lady yet? Log on to www.avon.com.ph to find out how to contact an Avon Representative. Be part of the Avon community! Follow them at Facebook.com/AvonPhilippines and Twitter via @AvonPH

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