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Creating fantastic food with Kenwood food preparation machines

I enjoy cooking with the help of my food preparation machines. It makes life easier not just for professional cooks but for moms like me. I was pretty excited that Kenwood, makers of  food preparation appliances, would launch in the Philippines . The company joined the De’Longhi group in 2001.  What better place to launch the Kenwood kitchen machine in no less than the residence of British ambassador Asif Ahmad.


Kenwood is a British company based near the coast in Havant, due south of London for almost 50 years.  All Kenwood products are built to stand the best of time by selecting only the best materials to support and enhance each product’s role in the kitchen.  As I checked each of the various machines , I noted the attractive design as well.  Kenwood spent 60 years dedicated to developing kitchen machines and appliances to improve food preparation in every kitchen.

kenwood kitchen machine 1

Their commitment to excellence in design and passion for longevity of both function and fashion , is an integral part of their success. In the last 10 years, Kenwood won more than 30 awards for product design.  Their products are regularly rated best in class among award schemes such as IF and Red Dot.

kenwood event

It was interesting to see the delicious products that was created from the Kenwood machines like the pies. .

kenwood pasta rollers

Take a look.

pies from kenwood 1

Those ornate crust designs with the help of the Kenwood MultiOne.

products from kenwood

This MultiOne won over the 38-member jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015. The international experts assessed each of the 4,928 entries from 56 countries but only the designs that won the jury with their quality and innovative power were given an award.

kenwood products

meat pie from kenwood

In fact, Ambassador Asif Ahmad showed us how to use this Kenwood MultiOne. It is designed to present the baking appeal of a mixer and the daily task of food processing in an integrated format. Two in one!

kenwood multione

That is amazing. Practicalities have been carefully considered throughout the design. All the attachments including the primary food processor, juice and blender are located on the central hub outlet for ease and simplicity.

british ambassador using the kenwood

Easy access to the mixing bowl for adding ingredients has been achieved through the head lift design. A contemporary and clean aesthetic reinforces the attractiveness of this all-in-one applieance.

british ambassador Asif ahmad

Voila, the finished product.

ambassador asif ahmad

The Kenwood machine is so strong. The strength was tested when it pulled a Mini cooper with four persons riding in it.

mini cooper at kenwood

See that blue string? The rope pulls the car with the aid of the Kenwood machine.

kenwood pulling the mini cooper

Wow, how amazing the strength of this Kenwood machine.

mini cooper pulled by a kenwood machine 2

Next time, you are considering a food preparation machine, check out Kenwood. Here are some of the Kenwood kitchen machines. (Click to enlarge)

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