What is a juice cleanse diet?

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juice_cleanseMany people today have gotten used to fast and easy eating habits.  Hectic and busy lifestyles sometimes force people to choose what is quick and convenient.  With so many things to accomplish each day, nutrition is often neglected.

Proper diet is set aside for slow days like weekends when there is more time to cook decent meals.  During working days people stuff themselves with food that lack nutritional value.  A lot of people don’t realize that they take in food that may be harmful to their bodies. Processed foods, refined carbohydrates and sugars, alcohol, and caffeineare frequently stuffed to our system without regard to the consequences.

Fast food may be the answer to short lunch breaks and lack of time to cook but behind the menu is an array of dishes loaded with additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings, and other chemicals. Many people don’t realize that they deprive their bodies from essential nutrients that are important for good health.  The deficiency weakens our bodies weak and make us more prone to stress and diseases.

What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a strict liquid diet which includes fresh vegetable extract, fruit juices, and water. The diet may last from a few days to several weeks. Pasteurized fruit juices like orange juice and pineapple juice from grocery stores are not allowed in this diet because all ingredients of the juice cleanse should be raw. People can either buy ready to drink juice cleanse products or make homemade version using a juicer.

Some health enthusiasts have come up with different juice cleanse (also known as juice fast) recipes. Many of them claim that juice cleanse can help individuals get rid of unwanted toxins, lose weight, and treat / prevent certain diseases. It is said to correct deficiency in the body.

However, individuals with health conditions such as diabetics, people undergoing chemotherapy, kidney disease patients, and people with nutritional deficiencies are discouraged from undergoing juice fast. Its high sugar content may cause the blood sugar to escalate among diabetics.  Elevated levels of potassium and minerals from high consumption of juice can build up in the blood which may be dangerous to people with kidney disease.  People who are undergoing chemotherapy may be affected by the high levels of antioxidant and low levels of protein present in juice cleanse programs.

Controversy linked to juice cleanse

The recent controversial slapping incident in a bar involving actress host Anne Curtis have created a buzz about the juice cleanse. Many people became curious about the famous juice cleanse after Curtis mentioned it in one of her tweets as a way of explaining what happened.

Last Sunday, Curtis tweeted, “Now.. I had been on the super popular juice cleanse for 3 days & attended my best friends bachelorette that night, had one too many drinks..”

She made a follow-up tweet, “which led to some of these unfortunate events. That’s why they say ‘Drink in moderation’. I will charge it to experience & a lesson learned.”

Another actress, KC Concepcion posted on Instagram that very same day a photo of the juice drink that she is taking as part of her juice cleanse program. The caption of the photo says, “Para sa akin, nakaka GOOD MOOD ang juice cleanse! Be happy, my sweet & beautiful followers.”

Does the recent controversy imply that juice cleanse can cause moodiness or irritability?  Now people are wondering if the juice cleanse which many claim is good for the health has a negative side to it.

Some reminders about juice cleanse

Here are some tips to consider before jumping into the bandwagon.

Do your own research. Don’t go on a juice cleanse just because your favorite celebrity is doing it. It’s not enough that you want to try it because it’s the “IN” thing nowadays. Don’t just rely on what your favorite celebrity is saying about the juice cleanse.  Do your own research first before subjecting yourself to a juice fast. Find helpful information including advantages and disadvantages. Read about testimonies. Pay attention to negative feedback.  Use the information you gathered to help you decide whether or not to try the juice cleanse.

Be careful of combining cleanse program with workout.  Since detox and cleanse programs like the juice cleanse involve limited eating plan, combining it with physical work out might not be good for the body. Workout combined with restricted food intake might make an individual prone to fatigue, dizziness and nausea. There is also possibility of breaking down muscle mass which can lead to injury.

Don’t use juice cleanse as a regular ticket for overindulging. One of the driving forces behind going on a juice cleanse should be embracing a healthier lifestyle.  It is not a good idea to continue your bad eating habits and using juice cleanse to purge. Start thinking long term instead of short term.

Popular juice cleanses

Spot.ph featured the following six popular juices.

Juju Cleanse – Each Juju Cleanse Kit contains a day’s worth of detoxifying drinks. An individual can choose between two cleanse levels: 1-Day Cleanse or 3-Day Cleanse. Solos come in different variants namely Green Bomb, Red Giant, Spicy Limonada, Alkazest, Salaba’t Leon, Vanilla Nutmilk, Qcumber Quench, and Atomic Carrot. Cold-pressed drinks can be used as meal replacement.

The Juice Barista – The Juice Barista Smoothies come in three flavors: Sexier Than Chocolate (Carob, Saba, Coconut milk, Lettuce, Spinach, and Nutmeg); Strong Like Popeye(Spinach, Lettuce, Mango, Saba, and Cinnamon); and Tango in the Mango (Mango, Coconut Water, and Cayenne pepper).

The Juice Barista Juices come in seven variants: Green Cayenne Rebot (Lettuce, Cucumber, Spinach, Lemon, Kangkong, Apple, and Cayenne Pepper); King Kong Apple Pie(Water Spinach, Apple, and Cinnamon); The Coolios (Spinach, Cucumber, and Mint); Sunsert Belly Blaster (Tomato, Apple, Carrot, Celery, Turmeric); Booster in the Beet (Beet Root, Pineapple and Carrot); Gourd of Luis (Ampalaya, Water Spinach, Spinach, Kang Kong, Moringana, Apple, Cucumber, and Dalandan); and The Great Gouty (Celery, Cucumber and Pineapple).
Detox in a Bottle – Their juices use organic herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables. Its “weight loss formula” kit is designed to stabilize metabolism. According to some customer testimonies, they have lost one to four pounds per cleansing day.

Rawlicious – Rawlicious makes use of organic ingredients. Popular variants include Green Herb JUANI (basil, goji and celery), HELLA Green, Green Monster XAVIER (ginger and pineapples), Green Lover LUNA (malunggay leaves), Green TUMMY Alexander (apples and celery).

Juice Jab – Individuals can choose from 3 Jab Intensities (mild, moderate and strong) depending on the person’s readiness and ability to cleanse.  Variants include Emerald Punch, Amber Power, Gold Strike, Ruby Hook, Topaz Swing, and Jade Jab.

Master Cleanse – It uses freshly squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup to help the body get rid of toxins and slim down.


Photo: “the juice is loose!” by dana robinson, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved


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