My afternoon with the lean and green Segway® Personal Transporter

I dream of the day when I don’t have to drive to the nearby store in the village to buy small items. Yes walking is always an option but getting there fast is also a priority.

There is an alternative to accomplishing these tasks without so much wastage of gas, time, or effort. The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT), the world’s first and only electric, two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation device gave me the opportunity to try this out. I asked my daughter to go along with me but she had a scheduled trip to Singapore. She assured me that I can take it because she had seen senior citizens using them in the US. It has been around for quite some time. The Segway® PT was first introduced to the public on “Good Morning America in 2002”, and is now available in the Philippines. Unlike a car, the Segway® PT has two wheels. However, it does not carry the same risk as rollerblading or skateboarding through the streets.

I wasn’t too confident at first. Seven years ago, I broke my ankle. Though I underwent therapy sometimes I don’t have much of a balance. But nothing to worry, the staff showed me an AVR on the proper way to use it. Yes. death is possible if one does not follow instructions. A helmet also needed to be worn.

The Segway® PT stays upright by itself, and movement is totally controlled by the rider by leaning slightly forward or backward, and leaning on the LeanSteer frame to turn left or right. It took getting used to. I get the sense of power and speed, yet feel a sense of safety and absolute control. It felt natural, safe, and instinctive after getting a hang of it.

Although imitation personal transporters look like the real thing, they cannot go up steep inclines, will not work in the rain and can only work on smooth terrains. The Segway® PT can go uphill up to 35 degrees, withstand up to 1-2 inches of water and can go on any terrain. This would make it ideal for the personal use of those who love outdoor adventures, or city-living individuals who live in big subdivisions or work in big companies who need to easily go in and out.The Segway® PT is also perfect for business owners of resorts and tour businesses, as well as establishments who need patrolling or fast response to emergencies.

Some celebrities spotted using a Segway® PT are Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan and local celebrities such as Pops Fernandez and Crystalle Belo.

I can see myself using this in my country home as I go around my village – less gas to buy, easier to park, and less wear on my car. This sweet ride can take me places without as much noise and pollution as a scooter because it does not run on fuel.

But not only is it environmental, it is also economical as it can travel as far as 40 km on a single battery charge. A full charge is only 1 kilowatt which costs only a little above P8.00 and takes around 6 hours to complete.After one year on your Segway® PT you would have saved a ton of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere and a lot of gas money left over in your wallet.

Simply Moving Philippines, Inc., the exclusive local distributors of Segway® PT, will be setting up several Segway® Circuits where the curious, the skeptical, or those who need a little more convincing could experience it’s smooth and easy ride. Up until August 9, everyone is invited to try the units at the Segway Stadium located at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall. There are also other circuits at the Residence Inn, Tagaytay, Zoobic Safari, Subic, and very soon in Boracay and Enchanted Kingdom.

You can contact Simply Moving Philippines at Nissan Motor Philippines, 1232 UN Avenue, Paco, Metro Manila.
Or at their facebook<>

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