Groovy enough to wear leggings from #BlackMilkClothing @BlackMilkTweets

I discovered the Black Milk leggings not from lifestyle blog posts or fashion shows but during a session of Leigh Reyes ( @leighpod on Twitter ) on the Immap Summit 2012 sometime August. While she was talking about digital media, I could not help but notice the unique design of her leggings that hugged snugly on her legs. She had a story to tell about Black Milk. Apparently, Black Milk only advertises by worth of mouth via instagram or Facebook. The origins of Black Milk is also interesting especially on how James Ellis started from $6.00 and learned how to sew fabrics together. Read their story and be inspired to be an entrepreneur.


I got even more excited when I found out that Black Milk can be ordered in Australia. My daughter was studying her Honors in Melbourne then. I first wore leggings in the seventies. Though not as snug as today’s leggings, it was still groovy enough to wear. So why can’t I continue to wear leggings in my prime time?

Brimming with excitement, I asked my daughter to bring me leggings when she arrives home on November. There was a catch. I had to buy her a pair. Of course, I agreed and asked my other daughter if she wanted one too. I asked my daughter which designs would suit me. There are number of designs to choose from but I wanted one that won’t make me “trying hard to look hip” -look. I considered the Triangle silver leggings but backed out when I read the caution : “Please note that this is a foil print and may discolour from continuous rubbing.”


I settled for the peacock leggings. I also had to figure out my size. It costs me 75 Australian dollars. They say it is expensive because everything is made in Australia where labor costs are higher. Nothing made in China. My daughters chose from the Star Wars collection which was more pricey. Based on their sizing chart, my ankle, calf and thigh is XS while my waist is Large. What a dilemma! I decided to settle for size medium. Black Milk Leggings are not cheap.

black milk clothing leggings

Finally, I got my leggings the day my daughter in November. I just wore it the day after Christmas. You can see that the leggings are not snugly fit on my calves. It already feels tight on my tummy since the waistline is for a medium.

black milk leggings 1

I just love the feel of the leggings. It feels so smooth and cool yet it warmed me during the chilly morning in Tagaytay. My peacock leggings are made from 83% Polyester Bright and 17% Spandex .

blackmilk leggings

It doesn’t really matter if I am too old to wear Black Milk leggings as long as I don’t look as if I am trying hard to look young. The feel of the leggings is enough comfort for me. The price factor deters me buying it often and especially now that my daughter won’t be returning to Melbourne soon.

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