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September issue of @RogueOnline: Will the real @BryanBoy please stand up?

Will the Real Bryanboy Please Stand Up?

He shares front-row space with Anna Wintour, has inspired Marc Jacobs to name a bag after him, and is internationally recognized as one of the most influential fashion bloggers. J.R. Nakata goes back to 2008 and investigates the online superstar’s initial rise, the suspicious credit lines, the treacherous manipulation, and the blood on the tracks that lead him down the rabbit hole of a tale that just might be stranger than fiction.

(No Spoilers here but you can start reading some portions at Rogue website)

There was buzz hovering in twitter-land about the September 2012 issue of Rogue magazine. Finally this afternoon, the September issue arrived online via Zinio. A special section on popular fashion blogger BryanBoy was going to be featured so it piqued my curiousity. I immediately bought the online edition just so I could read “Will the real BryanBoy please stand up?”.

It is a pretty long article. Intriguing. Riveting. For those that never had a peep on BryanBoy, the article is quite an expose.

 As Chuvaness said “If you thought the Birkin scammer was juicy, you would not want to miss this!”

No spoilers here because you have to buy the issue. (you can buy it via Zinio)

Some of it are quite shocking and others I already knew but just kept quiet about it. Back then, I could not tell if they were real stories or just gossip.

I first met Bryan Boy in March 2007 when his blog “Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux” won Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: I was one of the organizers in the first Philippine Blog Awards. He was easy to talk to and funny. Photographers were all over him as he posed graciously with us. I recalled him being so nice to his adoring yaya who waited on him. (You will read contrary stories to his stature in the Rogue issue) At that time he was already very popular in the Philippine blogosphere. Word got around his blog was the most preferred blog among the digital advertisers.

handing out the trophy to Bryanboy for winning the Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging, 2007 First Philippine Blog Awards

Then one day, I found myself talking with him in Facebook where I asked him how he got to be so famous. I was really proud of his achievements and totally clueless of those angry at him. Those were his low days when he was accused of being the brains behind ChikaTime.com , a gossip blog. I heard his side of the story but I could never be sure if he was saying the truth since there was so much online hate against him. I also read contrary views that allege he was really behind Chika Time. There are more here. I chose to listen to both sides and before I knew it, the furor just died.

I lost contact with Bryan Boy. I think it was 2009 when we last talked online. Bryan Boy is totally unreachable now because of the numerous invites he gets as a fashion blogger. Even tagging him in Twitter does not evoke much of a response from him.

Innocent until proven guilty since I am not privy to the issue. There are always two sides of the story. Reading the Rogue issue is quite a revelation. The people close to him know the truth but I wonder why no one filed a case against him.

I also understand why others who were once a victim of Chika Time call it water under the bridge now. Did they believe Bryan Boy redeemed himself by now? or did they believe in second chances. Forgive and forget?

The question remains: Will the real Bryan Boy please stand up? I hope to hear Bryan Boy do a rebuttal on this feature article in Rogue.

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