Skin rejuvenation: Renew by Affirm at Facial Care Centre

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At my prime time age, I take regular visits for non-invasive facial treatment to tighten the skin on my face. You know as we get older, our skin produce less collagen. To slow the aging process is to prevent collagen loss and facilitate the production of new collagen. Collagen constantly renews itself but as we age, our skin incrementally loses its ability to replace old collagen. As a result, wrinkles appear. There are many ways to prevent collagen loss and that includes removal of excess free radicals, balanced diet and exercise. To further boost production of new collagen, there are a number of non-invasive treatment. I’ve tried all sorts of non-invasive treatment since I turned 50 years old.

My latest discovery from Facial Care Centre is a great find.

Facial Care Centre introduced me to RENEW BY AFFIRM, a fractional laser resurfacing treatment that reverses the effects of photodamage and aging on skin with minimal pain and downtime. I am able to compare this with other fractional laser devices.

I swear RENEW BY AFFIRM  produces the same effects for the skin (compared to the last fractional laser treatment )  but with much less discomfort and recovery time.

Two hours after the treatment, there are pink blotches that look like sunburn.
Trust me, the pain is a lot bearable than my  fractional laser treatment. I felt like I was stung with 1000 bees. Another disadvantage is a downtime of at least 24 hours because my face was all bloated up. I can’t show my disfigured face to the public so I just stay home.

This time around with RENEW BY AFFIRM, I felt like 10 bees stung me. My face does not look bloated or wounded. In fact, I just had some slight pink blotches on my face that got away the next day. In fact after the 25 minute treatment, I was walking around the mall with my husband. I am not saying it is painless.  Pain is also subjective. It is just that I experienced a much more painful treatment before I tried RENEW BY AFFIRM.

I want you to know a bit of the science and technology behind RENEW BY AFFIRM.  With this  micro-rejuvenation treatment, one can expect skin rejuvenation, acne scar reduction, lightening of pigmentation, skin tightening, photo-aging, wrinkles reduction.

When you want to compare technologies with other skin care centers, know what they offer and compare it with RENEW BY AFFIRM because this uses a unique combination of three cutting-edge technologies in laser skin resurfacing: Combined APEX Pulse (CAP), MultiPlex and Xenon Pulsed Light (XPL). By merging three powerful technologies, RENEW BY AFFIRM offers total skin rejuvenation that addresses all areas of photodamaged and aged skin. RENEW BY AFFIRM utilizes its signature CAP Technology which stands for Combined Apex Pulse specifically designed for the 100nm Nd:YAG laser. CAP makes use of diffractive lens array that provides special delivery and distribution of energy to the treatment area.

Because of RENEW’s CAP technology and the efficient delivery of energy to the treatment area, typically a maximum of two passes are needed for a full face treatment, resulting in significantly faster sessions. Compared to Fraxel which requires 6-8 passes per session, RENEW BY AFFIRM can deliver the same efficiency with 2 passes over a treatment area, dramatically reducing treatment time.

Improvements in skin complexion, texture, pore size, and pigmentation may be observed after the first treatment. As you go further on with additional treatments, collagen stimulation response (remodeling and new collagen synthesis) may be expected and is typically associated with improvements in overall skin tone as well as smoothening of scars.

To understand the process, an 18 year old skin has richer collagen as seen in the indentation pattern of the outer skin layer and its darker (purple) color.


For 50 year old skin, there is a decrease of indentation pattern; lighter purple color and paleness of the red in the dermis may also be noted which indicate weakening and loss of collagen in the outer dermis.


Injury is limited and controlled precisely only within the depth of the area that’s most affected by aging. This allows for more rapid recovery of the skin. Unlike with some Fraxel laser that has deeper skin penetration, RENEW works only on the area that needs it.

I am excited to know that I can  get maximum results of collagen remodeling and collagen stimulation simultaneously without much pain and the long recovery period caused by previous fractional laser treatment I experienced  that employ only high energy distribution.


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