Trying out the Kaminomoto Hair Saver and Growth Accelerator

I am going to try out this Kaminomoto Hair Saver and Growth Accelerator for my thinning hair. The idea came from one of our regular high school reunions. My classmate Susan told me she used Kaminomoto and her hair has since had more growth. Now that brand, Kaminomoto sounded familiar. I recall seeing advertisements on TV back in Cebu. I believe I also saw a bottle on my mom’s dresser.

I did a little research.

I found a newspaper ad posted in The Straits Times, 6 February 1973, Page 7

The ad said “a product of over 33 years of continuous research”. That means it has been around since 1940.

Checking their website, I found the ingredients of this Kaminomoto Hair tonic:

Kamigen, together with Rosemary-extract activates blood circulation and segmentation of scalp cells. Kujin Extract restores normal scalp function. Thus above two products fight hair loss and stimulate and accelerate regrowth. Kamigen K is the extract from the roots of Japanese plant Kurara (Sophora angustifolia). Kamigen E is the extract from Japanese plant Enmeiso (Isodon japonicus).

There is not much reviews on this product but a forum post where a certain William R. Rassman, M.D. (a Hair Loss specialist) was quoted as saying that it is not effective.

Here is what Dr Rassman had to say to someone who asked him about it on The Balding Blog….”I hadn’t heard of this tonic in some time (the name sounds like something I saw for sale decades ago), but I did some quick research and found the ingredients are listed as, “alcohol denat, water, rosemary extract, capsicum frutescens, glycerine, menthol, sophora radix (kujin extract), allantoin, panthenol, pyridoxine HCl, isodonis japonicus (enmeiso extract), glycyrrhetinic acid (kanzo extract), hinokitiol (hinoki extract), neo-takanal, fragrances”.

So in other words, it contains nothing that will help with treating your hair loss. Is it the right product for you? Well, if you’re using it to regrow your hair or halt your hair loss, then no, I think it is not the right product. If you’re using it to line the pockets of the vendors and makers of this tonic, then yes, you’re on the right track.

I’ve written many, many times about potential side effects from finasteride. You shouldn’t be taking 5mg for hair loss anyway — the 1mg will do just fine. You do run a greater risk of side effects with the higher 5mg dosage anyway. My advice is to see a physician rather than treating yourself with hocus pocus tonics that will likely not help.”

Oh no , a hair loss expert thinks it won’t work. And I am dealing with a hocus pocus tonic that has been around for years. So I bought a 150 ml. bottle at Watsons for 800 pesos. I opened the bottle to see if it still smelled the same as I recalled it. Indeed it still had the same smell. If this tonic works is another thing. I’ll see.

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