Using Artisty Pure white Powder foundation

They say a woman of the world explores and discovers more of the world. I have been doing that lately by travelling to countries that I have never gone to. It also means being adventurous in trying out new products. I like it when I am given samples to try on.

When the Artistry PR told me that she was sending a sample of “Artistry Pure white powder foundation”, I was wondering if this was yet another whitening product. I am quite happy with my morena complexion and don’t need to get it any “whiter”. Of course at my age, I avoid sun exposure as much as possible. It is one reason that I wear sun block everyday.

I am quite pleased with the perfect tan shade. For the past two weeks, I have been using this powder foundation. It is still too early to tell what this powder foundation can achieve.

Literature claims that the Artistry Pure White Powder foundation can help you achieve flawless porcelain look.

With the exclusive Pure white brightening blend of botanicals – Acerola Cherry and Bearberry Extracts—skin looks brighter and more even. A special silken formula provides perfect coverage all day, giving you translucent and radiant complexion. It also has SPF 28 that protects skins from future discoloration caused by UV exposure.

It does not claim to whiten your skin thank goodness. It helps to restore and safeguard your skin’s true white. Maybe some women want a much fair complexion. Like I said, I want to retain my natural morena color.

I am all for sun protection. The SPF 28 is an adequate sun block coverage in addition to my SPF 30 sunblock. Not many powder foundation can claim this SPF coverage. With a high SPF and the brightening botanicals, it is possible the skin can be protected from exposure to nature’s elements that may ravage the health of the skin causing uneven skin tone and blotches .

It’s too early to tell what it can do to my face but I have been using it every day now for the past two weeks.

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