10 Helpful Tips to Help You Drive Smarter, Safer and Stress-Free this Holiday Season

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There is nothing like having a foot massage after a tiring day, especially if one is driving around during heavy traffic. I am glad Ford Philippines treated some of us to a foot message and full body massage at Bluewater Spa along Ortigas Avenue. Even if I my schedule was busy, I wanted to take advantage of this pamper me day. I dozed off as the therapist massaged my foot. I wished the foot massage didn’t have to end.

I am sure some of you are busy with Christmas preparations. Not all look forward to the holiday season though because it can be stressful but I have learned how to relax and enjoy the season. One of the stress is also due to Christmas shopping. From crowded to tight parking spots, the stresses of the Christmas season can have a direct effect on our driving, which often lead us into situations that cause a lot of unnecessary stress. With this in mind, Ford is offering 10 ways to help you drive smarter and safer during this holiday season.

Here are Ford’s top 10 tips to help make you a better and stress-free driver during the holidays:

1. Click it – even when you’re not worried about a ticket. Always buckle that seatbelt. No exceptions!

2. Keep your eyes on the road – not on your cell phone. Avoid unnecessary distractions which could lead to an accident. Good thing the new Fiesta comes with Ford’s award-winning Ford SYNC™ technology, which allows you to play music, make and receive hands-free calls and call phone contacts by simply saying their name. It will even read incoming messages out for you.

3. Read a good book – like your owners’ manual. You know the one; it’s been languishing in your glove compartment. Reading through it will give you some valuable safety information and could even save you some money.

4. Find out how technology is working to keep you safer. Today’s vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that can help keep you safe – but it always helps if drivers better understand these features. For example, the new Fiesta comes with a wealth of thoughtful features designed to keep you protected such as driver-assist systems like Rear Parking Sensors, to keep drivers from backing into obstacles they cannot see, as well as Hill Launch Assist, which helps drivers make a perfect hill start whether it’s uphill or downhill, by holding the car for up to three seconds on a slope. The new Fiesta also comes with automatic headlights that sense when they need to turn on and rain-sensing wipers that turn on and adjust their speed automatically for light or heavy rain.

5. Listen to your mother – sit up straight. Make sure your seat and headrest are adjusted correctly in your vehicle to give you optimum support. Your legs shouldn’t be overstretched to reach the pedals; you should be able to glance up and out at your mirrors with ease. With the new Ford Fiesta, Ford’s engineers made sure to create an interior space that counters any form of stress, by providing comfort in every corner. New seat fabrics and designs are offered with full leather, partial leather, comfort fabric and sport fabric trims. Eye-catching patterns and textures including contrast stitching also add to the vibrant new interior ambience, while additional supporting bolsters improve comfort.

6. Check your pressure on all four tires – and the spare. Don’t confuse the “maximum tire pressure” written on the sidewall of the tire with the “recommended tire pressure” provided by the manufacturer. Also, show your spare you care by storing it in the truck, where it will return the favor by getting you out of a jam should one of your tires spring a leak.

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7. Control your speed and anticipate traffic conditions. Don’t accelerate and then brake sharply. To help you, Ford has equipped the new Fiesta with Electronic Stability Program which helps the driver to maintain stability and control in slipper roads by automatically applying braking force to individual wheels if the Fiesta loses grip.

8. Pay attention to the vehicle in front. Don’t give in to distractions and don’t drive tired. NEVER drink and drive.

9. Keep a safe distance: use the three-second rule to allow reaction time. Watch the car in front pass a fixed point and count three seconds. If you pass the fixed point before you count to three, you are driving too close. On rainy days or at night, count to six. In heavy rain or thick fog, count to nine.

10. Be a calm and considerate driver. Use your mirrors and indicator signals. Don’t weave between lanes or assume the other driver will stop. Don’t lose your temper.

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