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Docu-video: Are you BEAUTIFUL? – a Women’s Month celebration construct

Everyday, I receive all sort of pitches via email to post this and that. I accommodate if I want to help a cause or an advocacy. What strikes me about this email is the passion of the sender . It touched a chord in my heart especially since it is Women’s month. I hope he does not mind me sharing this email.

I just happen to be one of the ordinary people. I go online. I interact in social media enough to be informed, enough to be socially aware. I actually follow you on Twitter, and I subscribe to Blogwatch.

Consequently, I would say I am quite different from the rest. I just happen to have this drive for certain principles that I have learned in time. I have different kinds of advocacy that concerns people, women, gays, and the environment. I am not some activist. I just happen to be the typical employee, who live to work. But in my spare time, I just work on things that would have meaning and sense. I do basic photography. I blog at times. And recently, I have made a docu-video for women’s month.

I thought this was worth sharing especially with women. March marks the Women’s Month. Though it has the Theme: “Kababaihan: Gabay sa Pagtahak sa Tuwid na Daan” this year, I thought of constructing a simple idea that has a good reach among most people.

I want to celebrate this with the rest in my own simple way.

are you beautiful

Not all women in the world think they are beautiful. They have their concept and construction of beauty that has gone through in time. Television, movies, magazines, and all kinds of media have created the epitome of a beautiful woman. Notice the trends, standards, and the inevitable obligation to change one’s image every now and then. To be a woman entails nothing else, but the process of beautifying and becoming beautiful.

Only 4% of the population of women in the world are convinced that they beautiful. And from the Dove campaign on building self-esteem for women, 6 out 10 girls stop what they used to love doing because they lose the confidence as they think they are not beautiful enough.

This March, revel in the beauty of women as they are. Black, white, or colored, celebrate being a woman. Celebrate with the women. They are beyond what media has instilled. They are beautiful beyond words or standards.

WATCH a simple docu-video that may leave you asking about yourself and that of the women around you.

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