How to get your glam on this summer

By Bianca Lisondra, as originally posted at the Philippine Online Chronicles

Is it just I or has the heat in Manila become more intense lately? Nevertheless, this unbearable heat is not enough reason for people to go out looking plain. There are lots of new and trendy clothes that are very suitable for summer.  Here are five new stylish trends that can help you enjoy your summer more.


summer outfit2 summer outfit

Before, Kimonos were only popular among Japanese people. It is, after all, their traditional garment. But at this modern day and age, you can already use a kimono to add glam to your plain white sando, maong shorts and summer sandals. Whether your kimono’s plain, over-printed or flowy, it’s undeniably the best cover up on trend!

kristina decena

 Filipina Fashion Blogger Cristina Decena says “ Today, I came out for some sun, play and fun in my newfound summer staples; a cool kimono and a fuss free playsuit. These charming pieces of clothing are reliable essentials for looking and feeling airy this summer season”.  At only 300 to 400 pesos per piece, kimonos are such a steal!

Colorful maong shorts

Heading to the beach?  Boring clothes are a no-no. Yes, plain maong shorts are over-rated already and it’s time to shine brighter now. You can be all set and classy while you’re barefoot and relaxing at the beach with these pretty-chill pieces.

Of course you can never go wrong with ombre! You can even play it D.I.Y.

cool maong pieces

Off-shoulder tops                      

Another summer top that has been trending since summer hit Manila is an off-shoulder top. 



This effortless yet classy cold shoulder dress, as Dana Decena said, is perfect for any summer outs– whether you’re in the mall, at the park or beach. Be sure to wear it in summer colors like Teal, Neon Green, Orange to beat the heat.

Snap it back!

Women have always been a bit queasy wearing caps, because they are too boyish. But with the creation of snapbacks, women can now look chic!

Snapbacks have made a comeback and are now part of the summer fashion trend. It comes in different prints and most of the chic stores like Forever 21, Zara, and Top Shop, sell snapbacks in floral, attention-grabbing prints. Sure, it looks kind of hipster. But then again, what’s wrong with hipster?


Stylized Sandals

You can go the easy way and buy strappy colorful sandals. But if I were you, I’d work up my creative juice and style my own sandals.

All you need to prepare are plain slippers or sandals, summer-themed cloth and scissors.

See? It looks so cool and just perfect for any summer outfit you are wearing. You can even sell these stylized sandals to your friends and create your own brand. How’s that for business acumen?


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