Bobbi Brown’s biggest branch is located at SM Megamall

bobbi brown megamall branch

Bobbi Brown fans will be delighted to know that there is a new branch in SM Megamall. The latest Bobbi Brown boutique is located at the 2nd floor of SM Megamall (somewhere in between Section A & B) . This branch is Bobbi Brown Philippines’ biggest store to date and you will be amazed.

bobbi brown makeup 1

Why? There is a wider assortment of beauty products to choose from.

bobbi brown makeup

You can also get a lot of tips from the staff.

bobbi brown megamall 1

The launch last month was really fun as we were told to join this activity: apply makeup on a mask. I found it such a waste to put all that on a mask. It wasn’t easy to apply makeup on a paper mask. The challenge came when it was time to fix the eyebrows. I decided to use purple/bluish hues for the eyes. The others did their jobs so creatively.

at bobbi brown

Guess which one is my mask? (it’s the third from the left) You can see how others did their makeup which pales in comparison to mine but who cares? It was fun and I also learned tips from my other companions at the table.

masks at bobbi brown

They’ve got a makeover counter if you want to learn some tips.

bobbi brown makeup 3

bobbi brown

During the launch , I got to learn some more tips like applying foundation to the cheeks and forehead. Sometimes the shade on the face is different from the forehead.

bobbi brown makeup lessons

I really want to take more lessons so I guess that means another visit to the Bobbi Brown Megamall branch.

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