Leg love Couture by Bianca Valerio

“Looking good shouldn’t come at a high price. YOU should like priceless – nothing else” – Bianca Valerio

Oh my, I never thought I’d wear net stockings again. The last time I wore fish net type of stockings was when I was 15 years old. We wore mini skirts back then in the early 70’s. One day via twitter, Bianca Valerio (@Bianca_Valerio) thought of inviting Lauren and myself to this Leg Love event. The invite was quite challenging : “Best of all we understand bombshells come in all shapes and sizes. So there are styles for the curvaceous to extra leggy. Knock ’em dead dead in the boardroom or bedroom. The choice is yours”. She told m to come in your stylish leg love attire. The only leg love attire that I bought recently was from Kate Torralba’s line.

Leg Love- The Artistic Temptress

Bianca didn’t want me to worry about my leg love attire so she sent over a few of Kate Torralba’s line for me to choose. Lauren helped me select the pink net stockings for my silver-gray dress.

I didn’t know what to expect at the event . I just got a hint that Bianca Valerio will show off her naughty line.

I thought it was sensual yet charming. Collaborating with Manila Bay Hoisery to launch her line, Leg Love Couture, she once again shows her prowess as she takes the task of helping women unleash their alter ego— confident with a touch of seductiveness. What a clever idea.

“Covering legs can be even sexier than even blatantly revealing them” is a phrase some women find hard to grasp to. Just watching this collection will surely inspire women to unleash their naughty and sensual side without showing any skin at all.

No need to unleash my naughty or sensual side to my husband. I already am. I showed the photos of Bianca Valerio and announced that I will wear them.

He said “sexy”.

Bianca’s Couture line has lingerie-inspired prints that evoke burlesque with a mix of old Hollywood glam. Each look gives the illusion of a longer, curvier and more toned body and has a printed kiss mark on the lower right butt cheek area to embody the collection’s tag line, “Step into your naughty side”.

I may not have the waif-like frame of fashion models but I am confident of my sensuality and proud of my curves. Bianca really knows what drive cold-blooded male insane because the next words that my husband uttered “Are you planning to buy…?”

I said “of course”. I just had to laugh.

(Bianca Valerio said that Leg Love Couture is available at the SM Accessories section at around the cost of 350 pesos. There are six styles to choose from.  If you want to know more about Leg Love you can visit http://leglove.net or go to City Love’s Facebook Fan Page.)

There were many other brillant designs from Ram de Vera, Pablo Cabahug and Ferdi Salvador. My daughter writes more on Leg Lovin’ with Leg Love by Bianca Valerio and Pablo Cabahug

You can find the new Leg Love tights at an SM Department store near you. And if you’re lazy like me, you can also buy them online at leglove.multiply.com using Multiply’s shopping cart system! Each pair retails for P599.75.

But here is a sneak preview of the other designers.

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