Wearing the mini-skirt during the seventies #throwbackthursday

My flower power years were filled with colorful fashion of bright prints or sometimes outrageous patterns. When it came to skirt lengths I could choose any length and still be fashionable and groovy: the mini, the midi, and the maxi. The mini-skirts stopped above the knee; the midi went mid-way while the maxi-skirts reaches all the way down to the ankles. Oh yes, the seventies brought in the ultimate in groovy fashion! Now that I am in my fifties, the patterns of my clothes are largely influenced by the seventies’ fashion. I still wear maxi-skirts but will never go back to mini-skirts since it will not look good on me now.

As a teen in the seventies, wearing a the ultra popular mini-skirt inside a church was not a big deal like it is today. It was not inappropriate to wear a mini-skirt inside a church. I also don’t recall feeling uncomfortable when my girlfriends and I wore mini skirts in front of the guys even during the awkward teen years. Speaking of awkward years, I found this photo of my sister and my 14 year old self wearing a mini skirt at the Markina Shoe Expo in Cubao. This was the place to buy those fashionable platform shoes. Kids these days know this place as Cubao eX.

vintage me

Today, I am still like the 1970s woman , defining style my own way, sans mini-skirt. I will always love how the 1970s started the freedom of self expression using fashion statements. According to ’70s fashion expert Anne-Lise Francois, “in the 1970s, people wore clothes that stood out in order to fit in.” It is said that the “1970s fashion rejected formality in favor of function”. It is not a surprise this trend for “casual dressing” laid the foundation for 1980s, 1990s and 2000s dressing.

Check out more photos of miniskirts during the seventies.

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